You are still a Mom even if you have Cancer lol

I have no time for this cancer crap I’m too busy being a Mom (lol). So as you know last night was our traditional birthday hoopla. After, the celebration Haena left with her friend Whitney and went to K&K – an experience one must have at 21 (especially on a Tuesday Night ha,ha). I watched Chicago Fire and at 10:00pm I took all of my meds including my sleep aids. At 10:18pm I receive a text (lucky I heard it) from Haena stating she probably shouldn’t drive home. I told her I would drive her home and just spend the night at her house (she lives in Carlinville). I told her she better get her butt here soon or I will be comatose (LOL). She was a giggly mess – kinda funny actually. She was not drunk by all means but, was sure tipsy. As we drove I said “Well, isn’t this nice? The ‘ol bald headed mother with cancer has to drive her drunk ass daughter home and hoping her sleep aids don’t kick in!” We both cracked up laughing. We had to be up early as Haena had to work and I had to get labs. Wouldn’t have been so bad except I didn’t sleep well of course. I convinced my Mother that I would drive myself for labs today as the dog needed to go to the groomers and we couldn’t be in 2 places at once. I went for labs, dropped some clothes off to my stepsister as her baby is sick and in Pedi at Saints (yes I wore my mask and didn’t touch anything nor did I go in the baby’s room). Picked up a check from my stepsister so I could pay her water bill – dropped it off and then received a call from my Dad that my Mom had locked the keys in the truck at Carlinville Walmart. SOOOOOO I head to Girard, pick up the key and travel to Carlinville to yet again SAVE THE DAY! LOL. See what I mean? I have no time for this Cancer Crap I’m too busy saving lives, people. Needless to say, when I got home I grabbed a bite to eat and then slept for 3 1/2 hours (well deserved I believe). Best part of the whole day was………….my labs are back to normal (I say that loosely) and do not have to go back anymore!!!! Whoop Whoop! All I do now is wait for Tuesday to come and southbound we go (wish it was somewhere warm with a beach front view)! Hope your Hump Day was easy breezy! Thanks for hangin with me. Keep the Faith!

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