Yawning-HabitHooooo Huuuummmm………..extremely tired today. Wonder what that could be from? Could it be the chemo? LOL. Laid in bed most of the day, feeling my heels starting to burn, watching a rash from between my fingers, and across my body spread. Aaaahh the joys of poison in a bag. It’s all worth it in the end but, geez louise could we tone down the side effects? After my shower today I took some┬ámajor benedryl and knocked myself out for a few hours. The nap was good and at least I wasn’t itching. Too nauseated to eat lunch but, I managed to get some chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes down tonite. I dreamed it was a delicious steak with a juicy baked potato with sour cream and butter. It wasn’t mind you but, the thought was good. Still have the benedryl hangover and am hoping I can stay awake for Parenthood (favorite show ever). Better days ahead. I’m counting the hours till I’m home. Final round of chemo will start about 1pm tomorrow and the last bag will hang at 1am Saturday – If all goes well I will go home. YES! Broc will be turning 23 yrs old on October 8th so, I’m hoping I’m still feeling well enough to celebrate with him. I know, I know 23 and I act like he’s turning 5 lol. I make birthdays pretty special around here. Anyway, thanks for stopping by tonight. Hope your Thursday was amazing! Tomorrow is Friday……..whoop whoop. Keep the Faith!

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