What a Long Day

WOW what a long drawn out day. We didn’t get home till like 7:30pm. We actually behaved ourselves and not antics to report. Can you believe we were both mellow……not sure that’s ever happened to us LOL. Well we did get the giggles in the doctors office when they discussed putting me on Beta Blocker because of my blood pressure issues. I said well then you are going to have to give me a larger pill box. I said hell what’s one more pill LOL. Then she said well now is the time we start looking at the heart, lungs, kidneys, lifer, thyroid because between the chemo drugs and/or the transplant they may start seeing problem areas. I will hopefully get my flu and pneumonia shot in the September as that is crucial. Doctor says keeping me in remission for the first year is critical and my chances to getting to the 5 year mark increases to 60-80%. Doctor said it’s not so much the cancer reappears but, they start losing donor cells. Doc says he has seen more people die from other complication, heart disease, kidney/liver disease, flu, pneumonia, etc. He said the immune system never gets back to where it was when you were healthy. I’m just going with as usual….whatever happens happens. I will be cautious during the peak flu and cold seasons. It’s all good and God is good. All of the prayers have helped me get this far and I am so grateful. I marking off goals from my 100 day calendar and that is exciting. Life is good, it always has speed bumps or pot holes but, I get through them with a fight. Thank you friends for keeping me and my family in your prayers. Keep the Faith!


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