Trip to Barnes Sucked

Well, how do I start? Chicken was here at 0700 to change my PICC line dressing and get on the road. Mom was not able to go as she has been fighting a stomach bug the past few days. We picked up Haena in Carlinville as I think it’s important for her to meet the Transplant Physician and kind of get a feel for what this all entails (her head was spinning lol). Got there early so, went to our favorite bakery to grab drinks and a gorgeous cupcake (unbelievable). Checked in for labs and was called back fairly quickly. They took 12 vials of blood and the nurse asked if I was getting a transplant. I was excited to hear her ask that because she said that’s why they were drawing all of this. I left lab feeling extra excited. Checked in at physicians office across the hall and was called back again quickly. I’m thinking hurray this is going to be a good day. I have said before I totally love my doc…………today if I’m being honest I wanted to punch him. I know, I know…..not nice. He was very non personable and handed me two studies he wanted me to read over and then go over with him when he sees me next (January 8th, 2014). I asked about the two donors and he said they are not ready yet and it may be after the holidays if they are a perfect match. Soooooooooo, it looks as though I will have the last two rounds of chemo and then just wait. He said they have two preliminary donors but, they have to go have blood drawn and that is sent to a special lab and looked at more extensively (basically is depends on how quickly they get in to get the labs done and how quickly the lab gets to it plus the holidays). So we left the office like we were kicked in the gut and to make it even better it was sleeting as we walked out LOL. We were all discouraged but, thankful that we have two possible donors. I am grateful for all that I have, don’t get me wrong I just want things to move faster and being out of control is very hard for me (those that know me are shaking their heads yes lol). Poor Haena’s head was spinning and she said at one point she just zoned out LOL (that’s my girl). Chicken and I wonder how non medical people get this crap. I mean maybe he talks to me the way he does because he knows I’m a nurse and deal with oncology kids (at least I hope so cause geez I would drive off a cliff lol). So I will be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital getting chemo (no biggy). I’m more worried about Christmas…….I will take one day at a time and if I have to have a tree in my hospital room so be it. We will just go with it and be thankful I am here this Christmas. Thank you for all of your prayers and words of encouragement it helps us all get through this. I’m staying positive and know that a donor will come I was just a little disappointed but, glad I had my daughter and Chicken to help me laugh on the way home. God is good! Keep the Faith!

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