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Waiting for information

Waiting for test results
Let’s get on with it already!

I called Barnes hospital today because, I had not heard from anyone yet. I swear you have to stay on top of everyone or you fall through the cracks. Anyway, I was told I could come next week and I told them that was not going to work as I was going to be admitted back to St. John’s for another month. She put me on hold and miraculously found an available time for me this Wednesday at 10:15am. I can’t wait to see if they can help me and what their recommendations are if any. Just want a more concrete plan. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

Went and got a pedicure this afternoon – OMG it felt sooo good. My feet are horrible since they were burned by the chemo. I can’t wait until they are back to normal. At least my polish looks good and winter is coming so flip flop weather will be no longer lol. Just want my feet to look good before I go back to the John.

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