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The Trip to Barnes

Barnes hospital in St. Louis, mo
Barnes Jewish Hospital

Up and at it before the rise of the sun. Getting ready to make the trip to Barnes. I have many emotions…..anxious, scared, and happy. Weird, right? I am determined to beat this and I want them on board with me. What a crazy ride this has been.

Funny how one minute your life is “normal” and then in the blink of an eye it’s turned upside down.

I will say, as crazy as this sounds, this has been a blessing. You are are probably thinking what the hell is wrong with her? lol. I’m not saying you should all go out and pray for a disease or anything I’m just saying that I chose to not look at this as a bad thing. I refused to let this diagnosis get the best of me. You have the choice to decide how you will allow life events to affect you. I chose to meet this head on and make a positive experience out of it. I’m not saying there aren’t days when I cry or get pissed off because, there are. When I have those moments I allow myself to have a fit and then I say, “okay enough Kiel get your shit together, put your big girl pants on and deal with it!” Probably, would fail a psych eval but, hey whatever works for me lol.

St Louis ArchI appreciate you all walking this journey with me. Your comments and words of encouragement help tremendously. I know I’m not alone. It’s easier to face a crisis with an army and not by yourself. Love to all! I will post the results of my visit later. Have an awesome day. Keep the faith!

Waiting for information

Waiting for test results
Let’s get on with it already!

I called Barnes hospital today because, I had not heard from anyone yet. I swear you have to stay on top of everyone or you fall through the cracks. Anyway, I was told I could come next week and I told them that was not going to work as I was going to be admitted back to St. John’s for another month. She put me on hold and miraculously found an available time for me this Wednesday at 10:15am. I can’t wait to see if they can help me and what their recommendations are if any. Just want a more concrete plan. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

Went and got a pedicure this afternoon – OMG it felt sooo good. My feet are horrible since they were burned by the chemo. I can’t wait until they are back to normal. At least my polish looks good and winter is coming so flip flop weather will be no longer lol. Just want my feet to look good before I go back to the John.

Thanks for stopping in. Keep the Faith!

If I were 20

My partying last night has caught up to me today. I slept till about 10AM, stayed up for a few hours and then went back to bed and slept another 2.5 hours. Geez, I mean it’s not like I closed down the bar. My sister Kris came by and showed me how to use my new blog she set up for me. Sooooo if you want to check it out you can go to: Becauseihavecancer.com I will be posting updates there. I may continue to post on FB and then copy and paste there too – haven’t really decided yet. Kris is sooo computer savvy – unlike me lol. Haena came by for awhile after the color run. She had a blast. I feel so bad for her, the poor girl worked 8 hours Friday, left at 430pm Friday afternoon for Iowa for a soccer game, traveled back Saturday and then had the color run today. I’m sure when I was 20 it wouldn’t have fazed me, but just thinking about it exhausts me. Not sure what’s on the agenda tomorrow. I’m hoping to hear from Barnes tomorrow and may try and talk my Mom into driving me to Chatham for a pedicure – these feet are a mess! OH I got the giggles last night. When I went to bed I was kind of chilled and realized my head was freezing lol. I had to pull the covers over my bald head so I could go to sleep. Guess I’m gonna have to start sleeping in a beanie or something. What do these bald guys do? I mean do you get use to it? I kept rubbing my head to try and warm it up lol. Once again, something new to get use to. I did get outside and enjoy some of this beautiful weather. Hope you all had an awesome Sunday. Keep the Faith!