Steely Dan – Rock It

Can I just say BEST TIME EVER!!!!! I went to see Steely Dan at the fair last night with Brian & Chicken, Ron & Jennifer Graham, Rick & Dawn Meisenheimer, and George and Mandi Richards. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve been able to do lunches here and there and small little outings but, this was pretty big for me. I have never struggled with anxiety (and empathize with those that do) but, I was very anxious and almost sick at my stomach before going. Crazy, right? Thank goodness I have medication for all of that. Once I was there I was fine. Steely Dan put on a great show (as did some in the crowd lol). It was a beautiful night to be outside. Didn’t attempt any fair food – wasn’t going to push my limits lol. Getting to experience this outing made me feel a sense of normalcy. I’m moving forward and getting stronger, YA!!! It’ll probably take a few days to recoup from all of the walking and the late night but, it was all worth it! Keeping the Faith!

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