Snow Storm

Oh how I love the snow………..NOT! Due to the current weather conditions I have been forced to book a hotel room in St. Louis for the next to nights just to make sure I make my apt. at Barnes on Monday at 0900. Geez! Oh well, you know me I’ll make the most of it. I’ve talked my Mom into staying home as it’s just going to be a long day of testing and poor Haena has come down with a cold so I told her to STAY AWAY lol (that kills me cause I need to see her). Looks like it will be me and my partner in crime, Chicken tearing up the town (Oh how I wish). Would love to go to the landing and party for a couple of days. Yesterday was a rough day, high fever, burns, esophageal burn….yadda, yadda, yadda. The pain started about 1AM, fever at 4AM, unable to eat or drink. Finally got rid of fever and subsiding in pain about 5pm so I was able to sleep. Awoke this morning feeling somewhat normal lol. Able to eat and drink (which is important). I’ve slept a lot too (also makes me feel good). Tomorrow will be a busy day as I should be discharged around 11AM, pick up antibiotic on the way home and pack for St. Louis and head out. My Gosh I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Wish I was packing for Mexico or something LOL. White sandy beaches sound better than white snow covered streets. I will close for now as I am about to get a dose of benadryl via IV (knocks me out)! Have a safe night. Keep the Faith!

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