Smiles and Margaritaville

1379794_10202227728840531_1298409474_nWhat an interesting day. Went to Auburn to La Loma for lunch with Chicken and my sister. Chicken and I were meeting a friend of ours from Wisconsin for lunch and we made my sister come along to experience the craziness. Well the three of them had Margarita’s (which if you’ve had one there you know how strong they are) needless to say the cancer patient drove home LOL. (they were not drunk by all means just joking around). However, we did stop at Chicken’s and they had another round LOL…………..while I enjoyed a large bottle of water. Damn cancer just takes it all away from you. You have no control over your bowels sometimes, you can’t work, your mother won’t let you drive, and for crying out loud you can’t even drink. What the hell? Had family photos tonight which were fun………well after taking 2 xanax they were lol. My Dad had a poker game to get to and he kept asking if we were done lol. I know when you are 84 yrs old that is the highlight of your night. Pictures should be good and very memorable. We had dress up photos (nice outfits not costumes lol) and then we did some with my family wearing their Lisa strong shirts. Will have them printed in time for me to take to St. Louis. Those photos will help me get through the trials and tribulations. Had a pizza party after the photos and laughed the entire night. It was great having my sister and kids here, just like old times. Broc was here with his girlfriend and her two little ones (they remind me so much of Broc & Haena when they were little). I sat there and watched them play and it took me back to when they were little. My how time flies. I love their new chapters in their lives don’t get me wrong but, I would go back to that age in a minute. I have to say I’m exhausted from the eventful day but, it was so worth it. I’m gonna try and get through the Cardinals game and then off to slumber land. Thanks for hangin with me tonight. Keep the Faith!

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