Sleepy Time

Once again I have slept most of the day away lol. I just can’t hang with the big dogs anymore. Actually, I didn’t realize the tea I was drinking last night was not decaf so my wonderful sleep aids were not as effective. I did however, manage to get most of my packing done and solve the mystery of who decorated my house lol. My kids had the time of their lives on the party bus last night. I’m sooo¬†glad! I just wanted them to have a night to cut loose with no worries and no stress. They have been so brave and have handled all of this so well but, it has been scary for them and I know they worry. So a night out was just what momma ordered! We were all together tonight for a birthday dinner for Mimi (my Mom) and seeing some of the videos and photos from the partying that went on were hilarious!!! Mom enjoyed her birthday and we all enjoyed each other. I will stamp this weekend a success!!! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Keep the Faith!

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