Prayers from friends and family


Lisa Kiel thinking of you!!!!


Keep the faith! Thinking of you and praying for a successful bone marrow transplant! — with Lisa Kiel.


Prayers for you today Lisa Kiel!!!!!!!!!!


Lisa Kiel God is with you and guiding the surgeons on your BIG day! {{{{Hugs}}}} love, and prayers sent your way!!

Lisa, You are an amazing young lady! Not only because you are my niece, but a true friend to so many, you have a heart of gold, your laughter is contagious, your personality always shines thru. You have such a positive attitude and I believe that God will see you thru this ordeal. I pray everyday for you and pray for strength to get you thru this. I know you have wonderful Angels, also, watching over you! YOU CAN DO THIS!! Keeping the faith! Love you sweetie! (On this day 31 years ago, I married your uncle Leonard, so, it’s going to be a great day!)

Tomorrow will be a new beginning for one of my dearest friends. Lisa Kielwill be having her second birthday beginning with a bone marrow transplant. I called her this morning, thinking the transplant was going to be done today and said Happy Birthday! I think she thought I was trying to call my mom, since it’s was my mom’s birthday. (Happy Birthday Mom). I told her, “this will be your new beginning”. Please pray tonight for total healing, speedy recovery and a great new beginning. Amen



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