Once a Nurse always a Nurse

So today I was sitting at home in my jammies and received a call from my partner in crime. Her voice was shaky and I asked what was wrong.  She said she was heading to the school as there was a Carbon Monoxide leak and kids were down.  Well, that’s all it took…..I told her I would meet her there – of course she insisted I should not go but……I hung up on her LOL.  Quickly got dressed, grabbed my stethoscope and out the door I went.  Probably not one of my smartest moves but, once a nurse always a nurse.  Here is a post from my FB page from my daughter:


Since a lot of you know my mom is crazy and won’t let cancer stop her from anything, she strapped on a mask and took off to help the kids at the North Mac School! I’m sure she’s okay but just say a little prayer thanks!

We sent 150+ to the hospital for treatment and am happy to report everyone was able to return by that evening.

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