My Hands Are Shaking and My Knees Are Weak

My hands are shaky and my knees are weak
I can’t seem to stand on my own two feet
Who do you thank when you have such luck? Oh, no I’m all shook up!!!! GOT THE CALL TO COME TO BARNES. AAAAHHHHHHH. I will be admitted January 28th! Let’s do this people! I told the kids I’m feeling excited, scared, reluctant, etc. I said it was like when I was pregnant with Broc (my first born) I knew in 9 months he would arrive (so you know it’s coming) but, when the doctor actually says you are going to have a baby today I wanted a refund, wasn’t sure I was ready for it and I’m not sure I would’ve bolted if I could’ve lol. I’m headed in to uncharted waters………..well I guess it’s no different than plunging into the Atlantic Ocean on the Barrier Reef to swim with sharks (no cage involved and I was sober WTH?). I guess if I survived that I can do this too lol. I have to say I’m ready to get this behind me and get moving forward. Tomorrow is lab day, hoping I’ve hung on to some of those platelets cause I don’t feel like staying in Springfield all day (makes for a long day). Oh, well just gonna make the best of it. Hope your Tuesday was a good one. Thanks for dropping by tonight. Keep the Faith!

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