My Butt was kicked

Today was a day of rest as I was reminded I am no where near back to normal and ready for work, besides I have no immune system LOL. Stayed in my jammies all day and worked on wedding stuff. I was glad to hear everyone from yesterdays events were all safe and sound. I thank all of you for your concern for me but, I am fine and will be fine. If I wind up with something then it was all in God’s plan for me. I would’ve never been able to live with myself had I not gone and helped. Besides, God gave me these skills and got me through college for a reason (and it wasn’t financial gain lol). I still have a job to do and that is to give; besides, I don’t have time for this cancer crap! God Bless our community! There’s always a silver lining in every tragic event and it looks like we are seeing it. Keep the Faith, friends!!!


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