Mt. Everest

I’m feeling the effects of climbing Mt. Everest. WHAT? you ask. Well that’s how I feel. My legs quiver with each step and I hang on for dear life (I would hate to be behind me cause I’m sure it’s not a pretty sight). I’m dog/house sitting for Haena while she is on vacation and wouldn’t you know it the only bathroom and of course the bedrooms are ALL upstairs. Folks that is my Mt. Everest. When I reach the Summit it is freezing (hence is where the window air conditioner is blowing lol). I’ve not developed frost bite as of yet. I have considered sliding down the mountain on my butt, am afraid of throwing a blood clot LOL. Geez am I out of shape! I have to say I’m enjoying some private time but, Everest is going to be the death of me. Keep the Faith!

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