Misbehaving Kidneys Again

I drove to and from St. Louis today!!!! Whoop Whoop! I drove fast just like everyone around me. I even got to witness Karma……LOVED IT! I was in the fast lane behind a semi, this chick was riding my ass, flashing her lights for me to get over which I could not because there were other cars next to me. DUH! I was ready to slam on my brakes and then get out of my car and beat her afterward (hmmmm road rage maybe LOL). Anyway, the semi finally got over, I went around him and got over so the Nascar Driver could do her thing. Several miles up the road there sat Mr. State Trooper who pulled her over. I wanted to honk and wave soooo bad but, Mother wouldn’t let me (Buzz Kill). My liver is behaving itself and functioning as it should (ya) however, my kidney’s have been feeling left out and they have decided to misbehave (sure why not). My creatinine was high (shows reduced kidney function). We are going to see what it looks like next week before we make any changes since I’m weaning off of the Prednisone, it could be that but, have to wait and see. It’s all related to Graft vs. Host disease which happens. A little bit of Graft vs. Host is good, a lot (which is what I’m showing) is not but, we are working to get that corrected. I just go with it, I mean what else do I have to do? LOL. All in all I had a good day. Had to leave at the butt crack of dawn (almost like having a job again lol) as my apt. was at 8:15am. Next week I have to be there at 8:45 and I won’t finish up until after 1pm as I have a bone marrow aspiration (ice pick to the back of your pelvic/hip bone to draw off bone marrow) as it will be 100 days post transplant (can you believe it?)! Happy Mother’s Day, Lady’s! Enjoy the weekend. Keep the Faith!

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