I’m not sad!

It’s Friday!!!! Not sure why that matters to me except that I’ve made it another week LOL. Broke the rules yesterday and snuck out of the house with Haena to go get our toes done (pretty sure I had a doctor’s order). Dropped off gifts and ornaments for my niece and nephew (they get an ornament every year). Haena and I ate lunch a La Loma in Auburn (a must have). I did sleep a few hours after the excursion. Today Mom and I were up early for labs (I hate lab days!) Waited around Springfield for an hour and a half for results (hence is why I hate lab days) and they were fine. I felt great today however, I did require an afternoon nap Lol. My Christmas is done and wrapped……..my partner in crime said she was going to kick my ass over her gift (so not nice) LOL. I will treasure this Christmas and embrace every moment. Life has changed for my whole family and for my friends but, I have to say it’s changed us all for the better. If you ask me if I’m sorry I have cancer I will have to tell you, No. It’s not something I would ask for LOL but, I’m not sorry. Okay, enough of the deep convo. I hope you all had a good Friday and your weekend is uneventful. My sister and her husband will be here Sunday (I’m so excited). Gotta go help Mom with cookie baking. Keep the Faith!

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