I Puked

Well it happened………..I threw up! UGH…..I hate that more than anything in the whole world!

Cancer Nausea

Finally got meds on board and I am finally feeling human again. Hit me this morning right out of the blue and was like NO NO NO…….Thank God we have meds. I was able to eat some soup and crackers soooo, not a Big Mac and Fries (super size mind you) but, it will do. I’ve roamed the halls twice today so, got my exercise on. Had 2 student nurses today so, did a little teaching lol……just can’t be the patient, I refuse. Of course did a lot of laughing today (good for the soul). Had some visitors which always makes the day go by fast. My bestie Tammy Roberts brought me some wall art which I love, love, love. Of course the greatest mother in the world was here (no not me lol). She of course missed out on all of the puking (Thank God she would’ve flipped). Finished second dose of chemo this morning and then had no more. Will start third dose sometime tomorrow. My chemo is given on days 1,3,&5. We then wait to see what the counts do which we know will go low, low, low lol. Just hang on and wait for the ride. The highlight of my day is…….CHICAGO FIRE is on tonight!!!! Yaaaaaa. Funny what I look forward too. Then, Thursday PARENTHOOD…..best week of all. My two favorite shows and I’m so excited they are back on. Hope you all had a terrific Tuesday (it is Tuesday, right?) I swear when you don’t work you lose track of time. Hmmmm is this what retirement does to you? If so, count me out lol. Anyway, have a great evening. Count your blessings and KEEP THE FAITH!


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