Happy Birthday Princess

It’s a tradition at my house that the Birthday person picks what they want for their birthday dinner and we all gather to celebrate. Tonight Haena chose Spaghetti (I make my grandmothers sauce), garlic bread, and Caesar salad. We had birthday cake for dessert. Her party favors for her Big party came today. I rented a party bus to take her and her friends to Fast Eddies. She has a 21 Tshirt, light up 21 crown (so they don’t lose her lol), and what’s a party without party beads lol! Oh to be 21 again. She renewed her license and we got the giggles because her face takes up the whole square you can’t see anything but her face and hair. She said “my gosh I look like a lion with its mane” lol. It was pretty funny. I have to say her birthday celebration was a success and I’m hoping she enjoys Saturday night. I can’t believe it was 21 years ago today that she blessed us with her presence. Our family would not have complete without her. Her witt will keep you in stitches, her personality is like no other, and she walks to the beat of her own drum. I could not be any prouder of her and I’m glad God have her to me! (Glad he gave me Broc too). Happy Birthday to our Princess!

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