Gotta Love a Headache

Oh joyful day! Awoke with a raging headache, you know the kind where you feel like your head is being squeezed in a vice and your eyeballs are going to pop out of your head. Ya I’ll take one of those said no one EVER! Morning labs showed low platelets (part of your blood that plugs up where you are bleeding) so I received a unit of them. Took Norco for my headache – did nothing (which I figured it wouldn’t cause it doesn’t help with vascular pain) but, I thought it might knock me out. Oh no, just made me loopy. I was saying some stupid shit! After my platelets (aproximately 1.5 to 2 hrs later) I became short of breath and still had the headache. Guess what platelets were even lower so had to have another unit. Breathing became better just was dragging ass. My Aunt Paula and cousin Missy came to see me and brought me Cafe Moxo – LOVE IT. They brought me chicken pot pie and it was delicious (didn’t taste like a metal fence) and some cupcakes. Made my day. Of course Mother was here and was going to spend the night but, I made her go home. My goal today was to get a shower but, that didn’t happen. Hopefully tomorrow I can take one. I do bathe the important areas everyday people I just like to rinse the funk off every other day. My bat wings are gone from underneath my eyes so I don’t so much look like a freak show. My stubbly hair is falling out, can’t wait to shine that head! I’ll get her shining and slap on some hoop earrings and call myself Mrs. Clean. You will be happy to know I’m back to stool softners again so depends for me. I’m moving upward now I think. I thought about heading downtown for a few beers later – mom took home my clubbin close (how dare her). My girlfriend sent me a text this morning and asked what I was doing and I told her cleaning house lol. I was kind of – cleaning my new apartment up. Keepin it real and Keepin the Faith. Love to all!

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