Getting so close to day Zero

faithvsfearI finished my last dose of Busulfan at 6pm so I move on to the BIG DOG tomorrow and Monday. Can’t believe I’m this close to transplant day kinda gives me a weird feeling. Maybe the kind of feeling you get before you jump out of a plane or bungie jump I don’t know.LOL Kathy Mullen came down to see me today, what a surprise! Thank God I decided to bathe today ha,ha. I loved the visit, brightened my day! I’ve still been able to maintain my taste (Thank goodness) I’m sure after the BIG DOG I won’t have much so I’m making the most of it. The food here is delicious lol. I have to tell you this morning the nurse practitioner whirled in here like the tasmanian devil and danced around while he read my history. He wore glasses but, held the paper up close to his left eye as he read. What a goofball. I’m sure he’s a brilliant man but, geez louise. When he left I looked at Mom and asked if that just happened. She said it sure did, thank God Chicken wasn’t here cause she would’ve said What the Hell was that? Exactly what I was thinking! Oh well, he did his job and seemed to do it well that’s all that matters. I was kind of hoping a I was dreaming though ha, ha. Looks wet an slick where I am. Hope you are all staying safe. Keep the Faith!

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