Getting my affairs in order

1012676_10202095470041746_212071397_nI spent the day with my baby girl. I needed to pick up some things (yes I wore my mask and used hand sanitizer like it was going out of style) for my trip and finish getting my affairs in order (tax info, bills, yadda, yadda). I mean you would think my bills would be on hold until I’m done being sick but, hell to the no! I still haven’t packed my bags yet – not sure if I’m procrastinating or just not real worried about it. I will pack tomorrow it’s a must as I’m having dinner with friends (at their home no public adventure) Saturday night and Sunday is a Pizza Party for my Mom’s Bday and a family hoopla before I go. Monday, Haena and I are getting Pedicures (yes I’m wearing a mask). I can’t go to Barnes with yuckie feet – My God what will they think? I’m leaning toward a hot pink color so I will think of white sand beaches and warm weather (well hopefully). Hope you all had a fabulous Friday and wishing a peaceful weekend. Keep the Faith!

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