“Fiddle Farting” – a shout out to Mylas

1275506_506797006078172_1618050570_oNo fever, no fever, hip hip hurray! Must have been hormonal lol. It’s a beautiful day and I told my nephew on Tuesday as long as the weather was decent I would watch him play JFL Football. You couldn’t ask for a better day! My chauffeur (my Mother) drove to Rochester to watch the 4th Grade Chatham Titans White play some ball. They won which was even better. I have to chuckle because, I’m giving a shout out to Mylas (last name not mentioned because I didn’t have him sign a release to use his full name lol) for using the word of the day………….”Fiddle Farting”. Now he was referring to a ref who was flag happy and apparently is at all Titan games. I know the guy wanted to use another word instead of “Fiddle Farting” but, it was a children’s game and that’s what came out of his mouth. I loved it! I told him he would be mentioned in my blog (becauseihavecancer.com) – forgot to mention that’s up and running now. I’m going to use that word along with my saying of “I can because I have cancer.” I’m not going to “fiddle fart” around I’m going to get this shit going and kick cancer in the ass! LOL Any – there it is Mylas – a shout out! Way to go Titans, it was fun watching my nephew and I have to say I even get a kick out of my brother in law coaching. He’s so competitive but, awesome with the kids. – Good job, Bruce I’m proud! Going to eat a bite and make some deliveries. I’m soaking in as much of this day as I can. Tomorrow is my last day of freedom and then I’m incarcerated at the John. (guess I probably shouldn’t put incarceration as for someone new looking at this may really think I am going back to jail lol). Oh, met a guy (A grandpa of one of the kids on the football team), he’s been battling cancer since 2011. They told him he only had 6 months and he’s still going – have to say he looks great. Now he doesn’t have what I have but, his story was amazing and just gives me more fuel to keep fighting. He kept the faith and so shall I!

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