Early morning risers

419688_3520530650575_1178634447_nUp and at it early this morning (freakin labs which were fine). I drove and my Lil Sis rode along. Headed over to Pedi to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and had lots of laughs. Hoping to be hangin with my Pedi family in 2014. Stopped at Starbucks and was schooled on what a double tall meant (thought it was a tall cup lol) too fancy for me I even ordered the wrong size iced tea lol. Stopped at County Market for a few things and when we got home I required a major nap lol. My Brother in law requested my special meal of homemade chicken strips, mashed potatoes, corn, and milk gravy. I have to say it was to die for lol. Tomorrow nite we are celebrating our Christmas and I hope I can sleep lol. I’m kind of like a little kid! Have a wonderful evening and Keep the Faith!

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