Chicken stays the night

IMG_0431So, Chicken and I are too loud – she got sent home. Kidding just kidding! We were loud but, didn’t get in trouble. She left a day early because of this stupid weather. My Mom is back and glad to be lol. Don’t know why she’s not missing anything lol. Chicken and I roamed the halls (good for me to walk as my feet are a little puffy), checked out the family lounge and was a little disappointed in the items in the vending machine (everything was baked, like baked chips and shit). If I’m going to the vending machine I want something GOOD! Oh well, they say my appetite will quit here soon – we will see. Today, Chicken was hanging some positive quotations that Tammy Branham printed off for me. My door must remain shut so she made a collage of prints on the back of the door AFTER she washed the whole back of the door. YES YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY Alice (I mean Chicken) washed the door. She said it had like WD40 on it or something. Heaven forbid! I’m laying in the bed contemplating a nap as she is hanging these signage and I hear an organ. I said to her, did you hear that organ and she began laughing hysterically so, I said was that an organ or did you fart?! With that said we were both laughing. She said oh yes Lisa I can fart hymns that sound like an organ playing. LOL She was wanting to give me a make over before she left today. She wanted to put concealer on the dark circles under my eyes, bright lipstick, and lots of rouge and large hoop earrings! Don’t know if she was going to pimp me out or what. I put nothing past her. I slept with one eye open at all times lol. My Nurse Practitioner was quite amused with us (imagine that). He didn’t want to leave our room as we entertained for him. We told him to come back anytime.LOL Tonight will be filled with dinner, dateline, and chemo. Whoop Whoop! Happy Friday everyone. Be safe out there! Keep the Faith with me!

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