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Achieving leukemia remission after induction.


As tears of joy roll down my face I am pleased to write I am in remission!!! YES…you heard me….REMISSION.

Praise God!
My cancer is in remission!

Now before you all go willy nilly on me this doesn’t mean we are done….we still have a long journey ahead of us but, this is a V I C T O R Y!!! This is not normal but, neither am I. I will still have to have more chemo which is called consolidation. It means I will have 5 days worth of chemo and not 7. I will still be traveling to Barnes as this cancer that I have has 2 parts (making it simple). The first part is effected by chemo (obviously as I kicked it’s ass the first time lol). The second part of it (the mutation) is not effected by chemo and is why I have to travel to Barnes to see if they can help.

happy face We will have those answers tomorrow. God is good (which I knew already) but, all of your continued support and prayers have helped. We made it down this bumpy dirt road and we will continue to travel the rest through pot holes, speed bumps, and even mud puddles. I am in it to win it! Keep the Faith – it’s working!!!!