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What it’s like to go through consolidation treatment for AML Leukemia.


fever after chemo

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It’s finally happened……. I’ve spiked a temp of 102. I am a direct admit…..dammit….dammit….….dammit (insert stomping of the feet here). NOT how I wanted to spend my Saturday night!

It will be the usual; chest X-Ray two view, blood cultures times 2, and a urine analysis. Then we start 2 antibiotics one of which will be Vancomycin. Bring in the crapolas!!! Yeah can’t wait!!!


If anyone is out having drinks tonight please throw one back for me!! Thank you in advance. On a brighter note I am thankful I am able to walk into this joint on my own. Keep the Faith!

Consolidation has begun

1381955_10201294229811241_1536914804_nWell the fun has begun – chemo has just started! Let’s do this thing! The morning started off a little rough as I laid in bed not wanting to face the day. I grabbed my Jesus is Calling book and read September 23rd message. I said a prayer and popped out of bed. As I approached the kitchen the mood was somber. My Dad & Mom’s poor dog Milo (best dog EVER) was lying on the floor lethargic. Poor guy has so many health problems, diabetes (takes insulin twice daily, heart murmur, cataracts). Mom called the vet and Dad was on his way with him. I loved on him before he left as I knew he probably would not be back and I was right……..they put him down. Of all the freakin days! Poor Mom was crying on the way to the hospital, Dad crying on the way home from the vet and all I wanted to do was just go home and try again tomorrow……..not an option. Anyway, we got here by 10 AM, in room by 1035 only to find my physician had forgotten to fax over orders soooooo needless to say my treatment didn’t get started until late. I will probably choke him when I see him lol. (kidding totally kidding don’t want to go to jail for a threatening message) You know me instead of getting pissed off that we had no orders Mom and I got right to work on getting the dorm room decorated so, pictures, posters, and banners are hung. Candy box is full for staff and guests. (Always, always, always take care of your staff) Thank you to all of my family and friends who are checking on my kids and making sure they are okay. I know they are young adults but, they are still kids who are scared. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! So the journey continues……………Keep the Faith!