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Getting so close to day Zero

faithvsfearI finished my last dose of Busulfan at 6pm so I move on to the BIG DOG tomorrow and Monday. Can’t believe I’m this close to transplant day kinda gives me a weird feeling. Maybe the kind of feeling you get before you jump out of a plane or bungie jump I don’t know.LOL Kathy Mullen came down to see me today, what a surprise! Thank God I decided to bathe today ha,ha. I loved the visit, brightened my day! I’ve still been able to maintain my taste (Thank goodness) I’m sure after the BIG DOG I won’t have much so I’m making the most of it. The food here is delicious lol. I have to tell you this morning the nurse practitioner whirled in here like the tasmanian devil and danced around while he read my history. He wore glasses but, held the paper up close to his left eye as he read. What a goofball. I’m sure he’s a brilliant man but, geez louise. When he left I looked at Mom and asked if that just happened. She said it sure did, thank God Chicken wasn’t here cause she would’ve said What the Hell was that? Exactly what I was thinking! Oh well, he did his job and seemed to do it well that’s all that matters. I was kind of hoping a I was dreaming though ha, ha. Looks wet an slick where I am. Hope you are all staying safe. Keep the Faith!

Chicken stays the night

IMG_0431So, Chicken and I are too loud – she got sent home. Kidding just kidding! We were loud but, didn’t get in trouble. She left a day early because of this stupid weather. My Mom is back and glad to be lol. Don’t know why she’s not missing anything lol. Chicken and I roamed the halls (good for me to walk as my feet are a little puffy), checked out the family lounge and was a little disappointed in the items in the vending machine (everything was baked, like baked chips and shit). If I’m going to the vending machine I want something GOOD! Oh well, they say my appetite will quit here soon – we will see. Today, Chicken was hanging some positive quotations that Tammy Branham printed off for me. My door must remain shut so she made a collage of prints on the back of the door AFTER she washed the whole back of the door. YES YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY Alice (I mean Chicken) washed the door. She said it had like WD40 on it or something. Heaven forbid! I’m laying in the bed contemplating a nap as she is hanging these signage and I hear an organ. I said to her, did you hear that organ and she began laughing hysterically so, I said was that an organ or did you fart?! With that said we were both laughing. She said oh yes Lisa I can fart hymns that sound like an organ playing. LOL She was wanting to give me a make over before she left today. She wanted to put concealer on the dark circles under my eyes, bright lipstick, and lots of rouge and large hoop earrings! Don’t know if she was going to pimp me out or what. I put nothing past her. I slept with one eye open at all times lol. My Nurse Practitioner was quite amused with us (imagine that). He didn’t want to leave our room as we entertained for him. We told him to come back anytime.LOL Tonight will be filled with dinner, dateline, and chemo. Whoop Whoop! Happy Friday everyone. Be safe out there! Keep the Faith with me!

The confession

Hi everyone! Wish I were updating you all from white sandy beaches and a beautiful blue ocean ( a girl can dream). Barnes is very nice and my room has a great view ( thank God). I finally slept. Ya was awake early Tuesday to head down here, got blood work, then they shoved a garden hose up my neck and out my chest. What fun!!!! Stayed awake all night and was up all day Wednesday. Needless to say I needed sleep. Finally crashed at 10pm Wednesday. I felt refreshed today. My neck is healing and I’m getting use to it. My chemo started Tuesday night (no wasting time here). I will get 16 doses of this Busulfan. I’m halfway today as I get it every 6 hours. Sent my mom home for a few days and Chicken is here till Saturday. She was watching some of my educational videos assigned to me and we learned that this Graft vs Host disease (from the transplant) not only effects my skin but, may effect the ol vajay jay too. Seriously, just put me down now! Lol. Moving on……needless to say we have taken over the floor. We will be performing in the family lounge every night at 7 pm lmao. Took communion yesterday as they have communion stewards ( love that) then a Priest showed up… can only think what I was thinking lol. He was an Italian man and funny. He asked what he could do for me….. I said well I just had communion (I mean I didn’t want to hog Jesus). He said how about anointing of the sick. I thought oh that would be nice so I said sure. He then said how about confession. OH LORD I thought!!! I can’t do that in front of my mother for Petes sake what was he thinking. He could see the fear in my eyes and the blood rush from my face lol. He said since you are sick I can abolish your sins by asking you two questions. I thought that was a good deal. He said now Al Capone went to confession (the Priest is talking in his Godfather voice) and he says Father I killed the guy but I’m not sorry. The priest said now that’s not confession so I ask you ( oh Lord here it comes) Lisa are you sorry for your sins. I said yes. He said I ask you again Lisa are you truly sorry for your sins (was I not convincing I mean I am) I said yes again. I was abolished. Thank you Jesus!! Anyway it was very nice to meet him and I hope to see him again (and not when I NEED one). Thanks for stopping by. Keep the Faith!!

A Well Oiled Machine

Talk about a whirl wind of a day……holy shmoly they move like a well oiled machine around here. Had labs at 1pm, a Neostar (line that goes into my juglar vein in my neck and exits my chest) placed at 2pm, and was in my room (5941) by 3:30/3:45, chemo began at 6pm. Not waisting any time, lol. The current chemo I am getting is Busulfan and I will get 1800396_10202444448985927_1683834233_n16 total doses of it. I have to take an anti seizure medication with this as it is known to cause seizures. Sounds like a lovely drug doesn’t it? LOL I was awake the whole night. I mean wide awake! Not sure what that was all about but, they are going to knock my ass out tonight even if they have to hit me over the head with a bat. This is CRAZY! My mom slept beautifully lol. Food here is pretty good. Mom went for a walk this morning and scoped out the hospital. It’s an amazing place. Haena sent me a text message letting me know she got employee of the month at Scheels. How great is that? She got employee of the month and employee of the year in 2012. Must take after her mother ha, ha. Totally kidding her Dad is a hard worker too. Not much else to tell today. Hoping to nap some. Getting ready for my 3rd dose of chemo – bring it on! Have an awesome Hump Day! Keep the Faith

If I were 20

My partying last night has caught up to me today. I slept till about 10AM, stayed up for a few hours and then went back to bed and slept another 2.5 hours. Geez, I mean it’s not like I closed down the bar. My sister Kris came by and showed me how to use my new blog she set up for me. Sooooo if you want to check it out you can go to: I will be posting updates there. I may continue to post on FB and then copy and paste there too – haven’t really decided yet. Kris is sooo computer savvy – unlike me lol. Haena came by for awhile after the color run. She had a blast. I feel so bad for her, the poor girl worked 8 hours Friday, left at 430pm Friday afternoon for Iowa for a soccer game, traveled back Saturday and then had the color run today. I’m sure when I was 20 it wouldn’t have fazed me, but just thinking about it exhausts me. Not sure what’s on the agenda tomorrow. I’m hoping to hear from Barnes tomorrow and may try and talk my Mom into driving me to Chatham for a pedicure – these feet are a mess! OH I got the giggles last night. When I went to bed I was kind of chilled and realized my head was freezing lol. I had to pull the covers over my bald head so I could go to sleep. Guess I’m gonna have to start sleeping in a beanie or something. What do these bald guys do? I mean do you get use to it? I kept rubbing my head to try and warm it up lol. Once again, something new to get use to. I did get outside and enjoy some of this beautiful weather. Hope you all had an awesome Sunday. Keep the Faith!