bye bye body hair

Hello FB followers! I’m writing late because, I have had little to no energy and one Big Headache. I still have stubble on my head, but it is starting to fall out so I may be squeaky clean by Sunday. Wishing the legs and armpit hair would go! I have bright red bat wings under my eyes, covering my cheeks and an additional rash covering my chemo burns – SEXY! I itch like crazy so heavily sedated on benedryl and benedryl cream. My hands are still a nice color of purple with little white spots that are starting to peel. Maybe I will have Palmalive hands. My Mom brought me cinnamon twists from Taco Bell OMG I was in heaven – I loved the taste of cinnamon. I can honestly say we wonderful meds that keep you from puking – AMEN. The Roid is healing nicely since the bowels are not all in shock anymore however, they had to stop one antibiotic because it created a rash and introduced another. We will see if the ol intestinal tract cooperates. Praying for no fevers tonight and good results on Bone Marrow Aspiration. Thanks for pipping in! Keep the faith!

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