Bittersweet Day

Today has been bittersweet. It’s my last chemo treatment here at the John and the first for my friend. Life is funny isn’t it? I will be showing her the ropes and passing the torch…….thank God there’s still a flame LOL. She will have the support of our Pedi family while amongst the other friends and family that she has. Just add Lisa’s friend and her family to your list for prayers (we know they work). As for me I’ve starting to feel the burn…………(no smart ass friends not from exercising from the damn chemo)! Can’t wait to see what morning brings LOL. Had a wonderful St. John’s dinner (NOT). I have to say I can’t wait to not have to order from this menu again. I gag every time I look at it. I totally forgot tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. I doubt I will make to the ball drop (not that I’m going to kick the bucket I just can’t stay up). No New Year’s resolution…….might make a different list ( not a bucket list either) just a list of asses I still need to kick LOL (kidding totally kidding). I hope you all had a fabulous Monday. Tomorrow is probably a short day for most of you. Make the most of it but, be safe! Keep the Faith!

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