Best Day Ever

Had the best day. I set my alarm to get to Chatham by 9 to watch my little niece play soft ball – MAN she is GOOD!!! She’s the littlest one on the team but, she is mighty. While I was there I learned my nephew had a JFL game at 12 soooo, I thought what the heck I’m going to that too. I had plenty to do here at home today but, ya know there’s always tomorrow. Beautiful, beautiful day. I made sure I used my (well sister in law’s) 50 proof sunscreen and enjoyed the sun. After the game we went to eat with other parents and kids and I have to say I enjoyed the adult conversation LOL. Not that my parents don’t converse adultly but, you know what I mean (I hope lol). So glad I’m here to watch them play and pray I get to see many more of their events. I hate they are growing up, sure miss them cuddling with Aunt Lili. Rheed is 10 and grumbles when I kiss his cheek or head when I say goodbye but, I told him he’s gonna have to get over it cause I’m gonna kiss him till he’s 50 LOL. Seize each day friends and Keep the Faith!

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