Back that Truck Up

Today I received a truckload of cards…….WOW! I was able to sit up in the chair, open and enjoy every one of them. Amazing what a card can do for your soul. Still having fevers which are expected since I have no white blood cells to fight off infection. I’m choking down protein shakes (one’s not bad, it’s called an orange dreamcicle). Enjoyed my kids on Saturday, felt like FOREVER since I had seen them. My fever stayed away while they were here thank goodness. Had a tearful goodbye but, we know it won’t be long until we are back together again. Just have to remind myself this is just a pit stop at FAT CAMP (LOL). Had a startling reminder of how sick people really are here. My Mom has befriended two women who are here with their brother from Jonesboro, AR. He has cancer of the spine and is now paralyzed and is done with his fight. He is waiting for his brother to get here to say his goodbyes. They have found comfort in my Mom (funny how God puts people in places). Please pray for them. Apparently, they just lost their parents and one lost a 19 year old daughter and her husband has lung cancer. Just when you think you are having a bad day……boom you hear something like this. Not to be a Debbie Downer just ask for God’s peace for this family. Okay brighter note………I’m not shitting myself which is a plus when you’ve had the crap put into your body that I have. I mean how sick is it to thank your nurse for poisoning you? Like the night I threw up for 24 hours and she came in to give some more of that crap and I said thank you. What the hell? Am I stupid. What was I thanking her for? I felt like Jimmy Fallon with his thank you cards…….thank you nurse for making projectile vomit and for killing my liver and kidneys. Sick but, funny. Okay, bowels are calling must take Wilson and shuffle quickly to the john! Keep the Faith!

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