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What a whirlwind this past week has been.  My story begins with an annual physical that just didn’t go the way I had hoped.  I had been feeling bad for months, extremely tired, bruising, nose bleeds, etc.  As a nurse you go right to the worst and then talk yourself out of what is happening.  I was due for my annual physical and had labs and mammogram ordered.  I received a call July 8th that my mammogram was abnormal as they saw lymph nodes that should not be there and my white blood cells were low.  Dr. wanted a repeat mammogram and repeat of labs in 3 weeks.  Mammogram went well no problems but, labs came back bad. Dr. Florence called me on the phone 8/7 and said she doesn’t usually call on the phone but, we had to move fast.

I knew when they called 7/8 I had leukemia.

It’s nice to know people as I phoned Dr. Brandt (pediatric hematology/oncology) whom I work with.  He was on vacation but, made some calls and on Thursday I was getting more labs and a bone marrow aspiration in his office by Dr. Niebrugge (his partner whom I also work with and went to Belize with on a mission trip).  Justine (the Nurse Practitioner for Brandt/Niebrugge) has worked so hard to get things pushed through.  Dr. Florence’s office has been so very helpful and has made sure all of my needs have been met, Melanie Reynolds (Nurse Practitioner for Dr. Florence) is AMAZING!

I am waiting today to see if I will see Dr. Mocharnuk (adult Oncology) today.  The determining factor is whether or not my genetics are back from the bone marrow.  I will keep you all posted on the progress!

Keep the Faith.

8/12/13 1440 – NO apt. today as the Dr. Mochamuk has ordered more testing on my bone marrow as I’m not textbook AML (go figure). We have to make sure we are 100% on this diagnosis so the right treatment is used. I will hear from them on Wednesday and will probably see me then.  Adult world is slower than Pedi world (which we all know I’m a fast mover). It’s better to be right than fast soooo I’m popping Xanax to keep me chillaxed LOL.

8/13/13 – Well today I burst into hysterical laughter when I received a phone call from my Primary Care Physician this morning to tell me that my pap smear was abnormal and showed endometrial cells.  Well of course it did! Not sure how we will fix this with everything else that is going on but, we will see.  Once again my motto of Go Big or Go Home is coming back to haunt me LOL.

Keep the Faith!

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