A Well Oiled Machine

Talk about a whirl wind of a day……holy shmoly they move like a well oiled machine around here. Had labs at 1pm, a Neostar (line that goes into my juglar vein in my neck and exits my chest) placed at 2pm, and was in my room (5941) by 3:30/3:45, chemo began at 6pm. Not waisting any time, lol. The current chemo I am getting is Busulfan and I will get 1800396_10202444448985927_1683834233_n16 total doses of it. I have to take an anti seizure medication with this as it is known to cause seizures. Sounds like a lovely drug doesn’t it? LOL I was awake the whole night. I mean wide awake! Not sure what that was all about but, they are going to knock my ass out tonight even if they have to hit me over the head with a bat. This is CRAZY! My mom slept beautifully lol. Food here is pretty good. Mom went for a walk this morning and scoped out the hospital. It’s an amazing place. Haena sent me a text message letting me know she got employee of the month at Scheels. How great is that? She got employee of the month and employee of the year in 2012. Must take after her mother ha, ha. Totally kidding her Dad is a hard worker too. Not much else to tell today. Hoping to nap some. Getting ready for my 3rd dose of chemo – bring it on! Have an awesome Hump Day! Keep the Faith

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