A Productive Day

Welp, I walked today……sure did! It felt like miles but, it wasn’t LOL. My hips hurt and my feet went numb (I have neuropathy from chemo) but, I did it! I have to say it felt GREAT. I had lots of energy today…..hope it’s not short lived but, I’ll take it as it comes. Trying to make use of the energy bursts that I get and the fresh air does me good. I even drove to Dollar General and browsed around LOL, wrapped a Bridal Shower gift, cooked supper in the crockpot, and went to see a friend. I’m hoping I don’t pay for it tomorrow. I have a tendency to over do things but, hey what else do I have to do. I love it when I feel like getting dressed for the day ha,ha. Hope your day was as productive (if that’s what you want to call it) as mine. Keeping the Faith.

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