99% Engrafted still!!!

Got the results of my bone marrow biopsy – still 99% donor cells, still no mutation showing up. Things are looking good so we will remove my garden hose from my neck since I now I have port placed. If there comes a time I do need bone marrow the garden hose will have to be put back in but, we will deal with it if and when that comes. Doc says if I don’t relapse within a year of my engraftment the chances of me getting to 5 years goes up 60-80%. Doesn’t mean I’ll croak in 5 years just means chances of the cancer coming back is greater. I said it is what it is and I’m just living each day – there will be no 5 year mark on my calendar LOL. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers – who says God isn’t real? Keep the Faith!

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