Monthly Archives: October 2014

Self Inflicted Whoop Ass

WARNING: Self inflicting Whoop Ass on yourself does not feel as good as when you unload it on someone else LOL. I unloaded a can on myself a few days ago as I was having one of those days. I was missing my home, my own “things”, not having a car, my job, and then to top it off I went to the store to buy Broc a Birthday Card to put on his present and just out of habit I reached for a card that said : For Our Son on His Birthday – nope wrong one (of course burst into tears – so stupid). Decided I was going to go mow Broc’s yard (as he lives in my old house) even though it’s against the doctor’s orders. I put on my big ‘ol mask and my headphones and mowed. Well as luck would have it I got the mower stuck – Ever have one of those days? Called a few people to see if they could help me lift the mower but, no luck. I tried pushing and pulling (you should see the bruises on my legs and stomach, look like someone took a ball bat to me LOL). So with that I was P*SSED OFF! I turned my back to the mower, grabbed ahold of the back of it and lifted it myself (Thank God I didn’t pop my port out of my chest – that would’ve been the perfect ending to the day ha, ha). After all of that I unloaded on myself. I told myself to get over it as I have so many blessings to be thankful for and though my life has changed, it is better. I have all of my “needs” met and that’s what’s important. My children are happy and healthy and love me big time and are so proud of me. Really is my life that depressing? A NO! Needless to say I used the whole can of the Whoop Ass and it worked. I would’ve just kicked my own butt, however my legs are short so I had to use the Whoop Ass. Keep the Faith!

A Much Needed Rest

Everyone needs a day of rest, right? Why do I have so many LOL. I was with Haena all day Saturday and then at Broc’s most of the day Sunday. I didn’t do anything strenuous mind you, just seems like if I have two outings in a row I need a day to recoup – Now that’s just CRAZY!!! I am grateful for where I am now, don’t get me wrong but, you all know I’m not a very patient person so, I want instant results – meaning I want to be back to 100% NOW, ha, ha. Thanks for checking in, friends! Hope you all have an awesome week! Keep the Faith