Monthly Archives: August 2014

No more garden hose

Goodbye garden hose I don’t need you anymore (well right now lol)! It’s out and I couldn’t be happier!!! Now I just wait for the insertion site to heal and the incision
from my port that was placed to heal and we are good to go!!! Moving forward one day at time! Keep the Faith!

Steely Dan – Rock It

Can I just say BEST TIME EVER!!!!! I went to see Steely Dan at the fair last night with Brian & Chicken, Ron & Jennifer Graham, Rick & Dawn Meisenheimer, and George and Mandi Richards. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve been able to do lunches here and there and small little outings but, this was pretty big for me. I have never struggled with anxiety (and empathize with those that do) but, I was very anxious and almost sick at my stomach before going. Crazy, right? Thank goodness I have medication for all of that. Once I was there I was fine. Steely Dan put on a great show (as did some in the crowd lol). It was a beautiful night to be outside. Didn’t attempt any fair food – wasn’t going to push my limits lol. Getting to experience this outing made me feel a sense of normalcy. I’m moving forward and getting stronger, YA!!! It’ll probably take a few days to recoup from all of the walking and the late night but, it was all worth it! Keeping the Faith!

99% Engrafted still!!!

Got the results of my bone marrow biopsy – still 99% donor cells, still no mutation showing up. Things are looking good so we will remove my garden hose from my neck since I now I have port placed. If there comes a time I do need bone marrow the garden hose will have to be put back in but, we will deal with it if and when that comes. Doc says if I don’t relapse within a year of my engraftment the chances of me getting to 5 years goes up 60-80%. Doesn’t mean I’ll croak in 5 years just means chances of the cancer coming back is greater. I said it is what it is and I’m just living each day – there will be no 5 year mark on my calendar LOL. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers – who says God isn’t real? Keep the Faith!

1 year ago today I started chemo

August 14, 2013 my Partner in Crime got me through the scariest night of my life. This was the start my induction process to kick this cancer in the bootay!! I had a crying jag and this was her way of telling me to get over it LOL. We pretended we were drinking Skinny Girl Margaritas. We laughed most of the night which is what I needed. Can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for me. I also can’t thank my family and friends enough for getting me through this past year! Prayers work! Still have a long journey to go but, I’ve got this. Keep the Faith!


I’m Expensive

Just opened another of many explanation of benefits from my insurance company. It just sickens me to think that my transfusion I go for once a month is over $12,000. Now this is pocket change compared to the transplant bill but, still!!! If I tried to put myself up for auction I don’t think I would get what’s been put into me! LOL…….

It’s been 1 yr since diagnosis

It has been 1 year today since my diagnosis……look how far I’ve come! That day is a day I will never forget. I knew I could handle what was coming my way, I was more worried about my children and the rest of my family. You never know how strong you can be until you are put in that position. I sat down and told my kids and my parents the news; of course there was crying. I said to all of them, “you can cry tonight, you can cry tomorrow, but then we are done cause we have a lot of work to get done here and sitting around crying about this crap is not gonna get us anywhere. We are gonna meet this head on and deal with whatever comes our way. There are probably going to be some scary times and it’s okay to be scared but, God will see us through whatever comes our way. This has happened for a reason and we are going to make the best of it.” If you ask my family today about this journey they would tell you that they have all experienced more blessings from this than you could ever imagine. We are all stronger because of it and if that’s what it takes, it’s all been worth it. Our journey by far is not over but, we’ve come a long way! Keep the Faith


What a Long Day

WOW what a long drawn out day. We didn’t get home till like 7:30pm. We actually behaved ourselves and not antics to report. Can you believe we were both mellow……not sure that’s ever happened to us LOL. Well we did get the giggles in the doctors office when they discussed putting me on Beta Blocker because of my blood pressure issues. I said well then you are going to have to give me a larger pill box. I said hell what’s one more pill LOL. Then she said well now is the time we start looking at the heart, lungs, kidneys, lifer, thyroid because between the chemo drugs and/or the transplant they may start seeing problem areas. I will hopefully get my flu and pneumonia shot in the September as that is crucial. Doctor says keeping me in remission for the first year is critical and my chances to getting to the 5 year mark increases to 60-80%. Doctor said it’s not so much the cancer reappears but, they start losing donor cells. Doc says he has seen more people die from other complication, heart disease, kidney/liver disease, flu, pneumonia, etc. He said the immune system never gets back to where it was when you were healthy. I’m just going with as usual….whatever happens happens. I will be cautious during the peak flu and cold seasons. It’s all good and God is good. All of the prayers have helped me get this far and I am so grateful. I marking off goals from my 100 day calendar and that is exciting. Life is good, it always has speed bumps or pot holes but, I get through them with a fight. Thank you friends for keeping me and my family in your prayers. Keep the Faith!


Adventures with my partner in crime

Early morning adventure will begin at 0600 tomorrow with the 2014 Citizen of the Year (Chicken). We will be south bound at 0645 to spend the day at Barnes. How flipping exciting!!! I have labs, dr apt, infusion, surgery for port placement, and then biopsy. We won’t be done till probably close to 5pm. Praying my biopsy is good but, won’t know for a week or so. If it’s not well then we just go with it. Glad my mom gets a break tomorrow those long days take a toll on her and I know she worries about my Dad while we are away. I’m sure I will have plenty to tell about our adventure lol……you know you put the two of us together and you never know what’s going to happen. Have a great Monday friends and Keep the Faith.