Monthly Archives: July 2014

Irritated with Prednisone

Once again I’ve slept yet another day away. UGH!!! Prednisone I love you but, I dislike you. I love you because, you make me feel better and give me more energy even though you make my face look like a chipmunk. I dislike you when I have to wean off of you because, you make me feel awful!! You make me extremely tired, my bones hurt, and you make me nauseated. This too shall pass but, you are irritating me in the mean time lol.

Water Ball with Broc

Just got home from watching several Fire Departments compete in water ball. If you have never seen it, it is pretty fun to watch. There is a huge ball suspended from a cable, one team on each side of the ball and they use water hoses to try and move the ball to one side or the other. It’s kind of like tug of war. My son is on the Girard Fire Department and they hosted the event this year. I enjoyed watching him and the other teams of course. Haena and Tyson came up and watched, along with Ashley (Broc’s fiancee), Parker and Leigha. After the event Broc took the little ones (Parker & Leigha) to shoot the water hose and then they all rode to the fire house in the fire truck. I think Broc was more excited than they were (he gets that from his mother lol). It’s been a great family fun day. Now I’m ready for a nap – the fresh air made me tired plus I’m trying to recoup from being at Haena’s all week and climbing those stairs lol. Hope you are all out enjoying this beautiful day. Count your blessings. Keep the Faith!


I’m now a mechanic

If for some reason I cannot return to nursing I think I may become a Shade Tree Mechanic. Yep that’s right. Thank you, Kim Marsh for letting me know Haena’s brake light was out. I thought to myself well heck I can change that, I mean I can start IV’s and put tubes down kids throats I can surely change a light bulb. I gathered my supplies, went to Napa and bought the bulb and I DID IT!!! Who says girls can’t fix cars. Now I realize I did not rebuild and engine or anything but, hey I’m thinking I could LOL. At least today my chemo brain wasn’t to bad because it was her left brake light that was out and I knew my right from my left LOL. There are days I may not ha, ha. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Keep the Faith!

Mt. Everest

I’m feeling the effects of climbing Mt. Everest. WHAT? you ask. Well that’s how I feel. My legs quiver with each step and I hang on for dear life (I would hate to be behind me cause I’m sure it’s not a pretty sight). I’m dog/house sitting for Haena while she is on vacation and wouldn’t you know it the only bathroom and of course the bedrooms are ALL upstairs. Folks that is my Mt. Everest. When I reach the Summit it is freezing (hence is where the window air conditioner is blowing lol). I’ve not developed frost bite as of yet. I have considered sliding down the mountain on my butt, am afraid of throwing a blood clot LOL. Geez am I out of shape! I have to say I’m enjoying some private time but, Everest is going to be the death of me. Keep the Faith!