Monthly Archives: June 2014

I Interrupt Your Broadcast

I interrupt your Facebook Notifications to let you know I realized I haven’t filled everyone in on my doctor visit since June 6th. What the hell? Chemo brain I guess. So Friday, June 13th (yes it was Friday the 13th….go figure) all went well. Labs were looking better and we are holding off on pheresis for now (thank you God). Liver is and kidneys are functioning better (losing my tan with the liver function improving but, I’ll take it lol). We are keeping me off of anti rejection meds for now as the ol organs aren’t tolerating them and I am continuing with prednisone to help with the Graft vs Host disease that has developed in GI (gut) tract. I am now able to eat and drink which is a positive lol. I will continue the 4 hr infusion once per month for 4-6 months to try and help hang on to the donor cells as we don’t wan’t my leukemia to reappear. I am feeling pretty good. I tire easily but, that too seems to be improving – not sure if I’m healing or if it’s just a prednisone high but, I’ll take it. I was able to attend the SIU Residents Appreciation dinner which was fun and enjoyed the James Family reunion today. I am just thankful everyday I wake up LOL (it’s the little things in life). I don’t go back to the doctor until July 7th (whoop whoop) which will be a full day as I have labs, doc visit, and then 4 hr infusion. If all labs look good they are considering (once again) removing the garden hose from my neck and place a double bell port (goes under the skin so and has two access areas). It will be safer to have that and less of a risk for infection. I’m praying for that. I’m just hangin out and enjoying some fresh air every now and then. Thanks for you continued prayers, calls, and shout outs……..keeps me going and adds pages to my book (LOL). Keep the Faith!

It’s Like Having a Job

Feel like I have a job today lol. Had to be up by 0500 to be on the road to St. Louis for labs and chemo (4hr infusion). Took an extra Xanax cause you all know I don’t sit well for very long. Thankfully, I did get some benedryl so, will likely sleep most of the way through it (or at least I hope). This chemo is just once a month (Thank You God!) I would be nutty if it were anymore than that (well I am nuts we all know that already). Waiting to hear from Doc as to when Pheresis will start, thought next week but, no one moves at the pace I do (well use to lol). Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and awesome weekend. Still Keepin the Faith!