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Back at Church……What a Good Feeling

1375161_10201374303893043_1433937599_nFelt soooo good to finally be able to go back to Church.(you know I’ve been quarantined from the public like FOREVER). Funny how what you’ve been praying for, for the past 9 months was the Homily (forgiveness). Who says, God doesn’t hear our prayers? Today was also first Communion for my great nephews Mason and Preston. Brought tears to my eyes watching them. So proud of them and their parents. Keepin the Faith!

Made it Home

Made it home safe and sound. Liver is finally cooperating, almost back to normal. I will continue to go to St Louis once per week for labs, doc, and infusion. On May 16th I will have a bone marrow aspiration (biopsy)…..those are so delightful….NOT! Depending on the results we may be able to take the garden hose out of my neck (such an attractive piece) and place a port in my chest. That decision is solely based on biopsy results as we may find I need more donor cells which can only be done through the garden hose lol. All in all it was a good day. Doc says to expect peaks and valleys. I said whatever…….I’m just goin with it. Thanks for traveling this journey with me. Keep the Faith!

On the Road Again

On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again. Heading to St. Louis to the Zoo (Barnes Hospital) lol. Full day again…..labs, doc, and 2hr infusion. At least I can consider this an outing . Have an awesome Friday, everyone. Keep the Faith!

Spa Day

IMG_0538In Saint Louis for a Spa day…….oh that was a dream lol. In Saint Louis for a full day at the doctors……reality. Things are starting to settle down, liver is cooperating and almost back to normal (just had to get over itself). Sitting through this 2 hour infusion is about to send me over the edge…… probably should’ve taken 2 Xanax lol. Needless to say I’m sitting next to someone whose voice sounds like someone I don’t care for and I want to get up and punch him in the throat (oh so not nice, sounded like Melissa McCarthy). I will ask for forgiveness later….bad Lisa, bad. Oh for goodness sakes now he belches….. Pray I don’t go to jail lol.

A Workout

I worked my glutes and my legs today……… you ask? By sitting on the floor organizing the hall closet and then rearranging the medicine in the cabinet. My gosh I feel like I’ve lifted weights…..WTH? Did this while watching my Mom and Dad take turns mowing the lawn………..somethings wrong with this picture LOL

Am I Dreaming?

419688_3520530650575_1178634447_nI went to bed still feeling like this was a dream and was afraid to open my eyes this morning. Once again was over joyed when I saw my familiar surroundings. Aaaaah! 3 months away from home seems like a life time. I’m going to enjoy this bright sunny day!!!

Natural Tan

I have to say I’m loving my natural tan but, my poor liver is not. Labs today showed another increase of liver enzymes ( they are off the chart). Soooo we are going to do a CT scan with contrast next Friday to see what’s going on. Doc says he’s concerned but not worried yet. He said he would let me know when to worry. I in turn said “I gave up worrying a long time ago!” Lol. Just all part of the plan. My gosh I went from taking 1 pill a day to handfuls of pills. I’m sure my liver is simply pissed off and just throwing a tantrum lol! The prednisone has helped with my energy which I love. I haven’t had this kind of energy since God knows when. Now I don’t think I could bust a move to a whole song but, I’m working on it! Hope my donor had rhythm……what will I do if I can’t dance? I live to dance ha ha. Hope you all have an awesome weekend! Keep the Faith!


I’m Coming Home

10014642_10203733133667445_5848307492357410973_nI’m coming home
I’m coming home
Tell the world I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday!I’M HOME!!!! Today has been an emotional and overwhelming day. I haven’t cried this much since I don’t know when. I was told last week I would not be home until the end of April but, once again God Blessed me. My CT Scan of my chest and abdomen looked great (Thank God) and my liver enzymes are trending downward like we wanted. I told the doc I was feeling so good and had more energy. She looked me over from head to toe and said she agreed I looked good too. There was a long pause and she asked how far away from Barnes I was and with my answer she said “I would be comfortable allowing you to go home.” Well with that I was a bawling mess (she cried too). I have cleared the first or maybe second hurdle. I had mentally prepared myself for another 3 weeks of being away. I will report back to Barnes every week until at least after May, which who cares! I know I still have a long way to go but, being home and close to family makes all of the difference. As we entered Girard I once again became I bawling mess as there stood my Besties with a Welcome Home sign. Unbelievable. I just can’t tell you how humbling this experience has been for me. I am a blessed woman! This story isn’t over by all means but, I am home and grateful to be. Keep the Faith!