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New Year’s Eve at the John!

This is your fearless leader here! LOL……Once again my amazing friends pull through. Brought me a New Year’s Hat, Champagne Glass, and real Champagne. I have to say it tastes pretty good LOL. My friend next door and I were going to try and stay up till midnight to walk to the surgery waiting room to watch the fireworks and damn the luck they went off at 8pm. Geez! So a little funny story that is probably too much info for you all but, you know me I hold nothing back. My lovely nurse today, Jennifer Kissner was giving me an IV push of steroid because, I was breaking out with those hive things that burn. Well, if you push it too fast it gives you a butt burn………more like my whoooo haaa was on fire. HELLO THERE! Lol. Funny thing was my friend Beth Smith was in the room when it happened. My nurse was embarrassed, Beth was laughing so hard she cried, and of course I was just adding fuel to the fire. Ha, ha. Morning started off kind of crappy, started with the burns, then started a fever but, am better now. I received a call from St. Louis today…..weird right, I mean of all days. They have requested the last week of January or first week of February for my transplant, it will depend on when the donor is available. I will be at Barnes all day Monday, January 6th for bone marrow aspiration and a day of testing. We are getting closer! I have had a lot of time to reflect on the year and though we had a major life malfunction toward the end 2013 has been AMAZING (eve with the diagnosis). January 2013 I was able to go on a mission trip with my Partner in Crime, Chicken, my cousin Dawn Dawn Clark Meisenheimer, friend Erin from Pedi, and Dr. Neibrugge who has been a blessing through my treatment. The trip was life changing in so many ways (if you ever have the opportunity to do a mission I highly suggest you do it). I grew more as a nurse and was met with more challenges. Pedi is my passion and I love my job and Pedi family. We remodeled the house and it was beautiful. I went back to school to further my education (had to put that on hold for now but, will be back at it). The kids of course make me proud no matter what but, they had a good year as well. We have come so far since August! We have grown stronger in our faith (faith that we have always had but, maybe took for granted). I have seen my children grow up pretty quick but, I know they will be fine. We have had a lot of heart to heart talks that maybe would not have happened had I not gotten sick. I hate it for them but, in reality this has been a blessing. Sometimes it takes a little shaking up to realize what is important and what is not. We are ready to close this chapter and move on to the next. This next chapter will be a little more difficult but, I’m pretty stubborn so, no worries. From me and my family we Thank each and every one of you for your thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement. Until you are on the receiving end you have no idea how much it means. I hope you are all blessed in 2014. See you all next year! HAPPY NEW YEAR from the John!IMG_0430

Bittersweet Day

Today has been bittersweet. It’s my last chemo treatment here at the John and the first for my friend. Life is funny isn’t it? I will be showing her the ropes and passing the torch…….thank God there’s still a flame LOL. She will have the support of our Pedi family while amongst the other friends and family that she has. Just add Lisa’s friend and her family to your list for prayers (we know they work). As for me I’ve starting to feel the burn…………(no smart ass friends not from exercising from the damn chemo)! Can’t wait to see what morning brings LOL. Had a wonderful St. John’s dinner (NOT). I have to say I can’t wait to not have to order from this menu again. I gag every time I look at it. I totally forgot tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. I doubt I will make to the ball drop (not that I’m going to kick the bucket I just can’t stay up). No New Year’s resolution…….might make a different list ( not a bucket list either) just a list of asses I still need to kick LOL (kidding totally kidding). I hope you all had a fabulous Monday. Tomorrow is probably a short day for most of you. Make the most of it but, be safe! Keep the Faith!

Sunday Funday

Had a fun filled day today. My Brother-in-law, Bruce, Wife Stacey, and my most amazing nephew Rheed and niece Ryleigh picked me up and went to see Haena’s house. After that they treated us to Mexican food for lunch. Good food and lots if laughter. Can u ask for anything better than that? The kids remind me of Broc and Haena when they were little……brings back so many memories. Came home and started chicken and noodles for Parker’s bday party. We of course had to eat quickly because we all couldn’t wait for his reaction to the bulldozer. Broc and I are like two little kids lol. I am trying to stay awake, no afternoon nap lol. Tomorrow is admission day to the John. Can I get a Whoop Whoop?! Last treatment till St. Louis!!! Can’t believe how far we’ve come. Your prayers and words of encouragement have got me here!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!! Keep the Faith!!

Is Christmas Really Over?

IMG_0411Wow! Has Christmas really come and gone? I loved reading everyone’s posts on what a great day they had. I have to say I felt bad for those that were stricken with the flu bug. We managed to stay healthy here (knock on wood). Did our festivities Christmas Eve. When my Grandma & Grandpa Smith were alive my Grandma always made homemade Ravioli for Christmas Eve. My sister made them this year so we relived an old tradition. Our evening was filled with a few tears (just emotional because of the unknown), lots of laughter (cause that’s what I do best), and ended the evening with a proposal from Broc to Ashley and she said YES! Of course we had to have a toast (first sip of alcohol since God knows when LOL). I’ve been vegging ever since. All of the excitement wore me out. I would do it all over again though. Tomorrow are labs, Saturday Christmas with my step family, Sunday a Birthday Party here for Parker (Ashley’s little guy) and then off to the John for last round of chemo (Hip, Hip, Hurray). Tomorrow is Friday………..let’s do this people! Thanks for dropping in. Keep the Faith!

The Carolers Came

I was sitting in my chair last night visitng with family. My sister asked me to come to the door and when she opened it there were my friends and their families singing Christmas Carols to me and holding a Merry Christmas Lisa sign and three others that said We Love You. Of course I broke out into the all Ugly Cry because, here it is sub zero weather, the night before Christmas Eve and there they were thinking of me. What a Blessing. This is what Keeping the Faith is all about.

Early morning risers

419688_3520530650575_1178634447_nUp and at it early this morning (freakin labs which were fine). I drove and my Lil Sis rode along. Headed over to Pedi to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and had lots of laughs. Hoping to be hangin with my Pedi family in 2014. Stopped at Starbucks and was schooled on what a double tall meant (thought it was a tall cup lol) too fancy for me I even ordered the wrong size iced tea lol. Stopped at County Market for a few things and when we got home I required a major nap lol. My Brother in law requested my special meal of homemade chicken strips, mashed potatoes, corn, and milk gravy. I have to say it was to die for lol. Tomorrow nite we are celebrating our Christmas and I hope I can sleep lol. I’m kind of like a little kid! Have a wonderful evening and Keep the Faith!

I’m not sad!

It’s Friday!!!! Not sure why that matters to me except that I’ve made it another week LOL. Broke the rules yesterday and snuck out of the house with Haena to go get our toes done (pretty sure I had a doctor’s order). Dropped off gifts and ornaments for my niece and nephew (they get an ornament every year). Haena and I ate lunch a La Loma in Auburn (a must have). I did sleep a few hours after the excursion. Today Mom and I were up early for labs (I hate lab days!) Waited around Springfield for an hour and a half for results (hence is why I hate lab days) and they were fine. I felt great today however, I did require an afternoon nap Lol. My Christmas is done and wrapped…… partner in crime said she was going to kick my ass over her gift (so not nice) LOL. I will treasure this Christmas and embrace every moment. Life has changed for my whole family and for my friends but, I have to say it’s changed us all for the better. If you ask me if I’m sorry I have cancer I will have to tell you, No. It’s not something I would ask for LOL but, I’m not sorry. Okay, enough of the deep convo. I hope you all had a good Friday and your weekend is uneventful. My sister and her husband will be here Sunday (I’m so excited). Gotta go help Mom with cookie baking. Keep the Faith!

Hump Day!

Do you know what day it is? That’s right, Hump Day! Had labs this morning and they were ok. It’s stupid how much a ride to Springfield and back could wear me out. I came home and took a two and a half hour nap and am still exhausted. I know, I know I have to remember how sick I was but I want energy NOW!(LOL) I can’t believe this time next week will be Christmas. I’m soooo excited. Here I thought I would be secluded from my family but, I won’t be. Hip Hip Hurray! Hope your Hump Day was good! Keep the Faith!

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound! I finally got the boot out the door. I had a talk with my white blood cells yesterday and told them to get it in gear so I could get out of here. Well, they listened Thank God! Process of discharge was a little lengthy as they were trying to decide whether or not to send me home on IV antibiotics or oral. Decision…….3 oral ( whoop whoop). The plan is for me to stay in and no public appearances (sorry fans I’m going to have to cancel lol) except for labs 3 times a week. I will spend Christmas at home and New Years at the John getting my last dose of chemo!!!! Should be St Louis bound the end of January. Thank you for checking in on me. Keep the Faith!