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Home Again, Home Again

Home again, home again, jiggity, jig! One foot in the grave on Thanksgiving and it’s back out on Saturday LOL. Gotta love what chemo can do for your body……I do no recommend it by any means. This round was different as every round seems to be for me, not sure why. I’m just glad to be home and to know December will be the end of consolidation. I’ve pretty much finished up my Christmas shopping just have to buy for two more and will complete (what a relief). No plans for me other than to sleep ALOT. They day was beautiful and the sun felt good on my face. I stood outside for awhile just breathing the air after being cooped up for what seemed like FOREVER. Hope you all enjoyed your day. Thanks for thinking of me and praying for me (they are being heard…….look at what I’ve done and it’s been with all of your help). I’m Keeping the Faith and thank you for keeping it with me!

Not What I Had Planned

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Day yesterday. My day went south at 2:30 AM Thanksgiving day. I developed hives which feel like a burn (OMG just touching them makes me want to pee my pants), started running a fever of 102.2, and my blood pressure hung out around 87/36 and even went to 70/30 (ya all day). Called my Mom in the morning and she was sick but, feeling better today. My poor kids were on their own and I told them to stay home and not come up cause I was just going to be sleeping all day. Finally got some cream of wheat down (possible could be a Thanksgiving addition at least the wheat) about noon. Fever finally broke around 5:30pm and Chicken, Ali, Dawn, & Kacie came up and brought me some Thanksgiving fixins and I was able to eat it all (yaaaa). I hated being sick and throwing a wrench into the but, I wasn’t laying up here crying because, I wasn’t with family…….so not me……I have way to many blessings to be crying over a dinner. Today I am feeling more human, can get out of bed without assistance (I hate losing my independence) and my blood pressure is better. I’m hoping I still get to go home tomorrow but, if I don’t I don’t. One day at a time. Enjoy your Black Friday friends. GET YOUR FLU SHOT. Keep the Faith!!!!!

Joys of Chemo

Oh the joys of chemo. I have to say that every time I get it something new appears. Today, I have stomach and esophagus issues (not uncommon just haven’t had much of that). I can’t say it’s painful but, it’s annoying as Hell! This afternoon the red raised burns have reappeared. Now, those are PAINFUL! I am counting my blessing because, it could be so much worse. I mean I could be deathly ill every time I get chemo and I’m not. I feel like if it’s just this annoying crap I have to put with so be it. I’m hoping this stomach stuff settles because, I am dying (not literally) for my Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I’m gonna load up on my meds so I can keep it down LOL. (sorry probably too much info) Anyway, I hope you all have safe travels, good food, make fond memories, and count your blessings (well count those every day). Keep the Faith!

Transplant News

Today, I needed a bigger room………friends, friends, and more friends. Sure does make the days go by faster………gotta love it! Shoot I just realized tomorrow is Wednesday – I’m almost done. I spoke to my transplant specialist at Barnes today and received some positive news. Not sure if you realize this but, my chemo I will have to take in December is the last one and I will not be able to have anymore. What that means is it becomes crucial for a transplant to take place because, my cancer will come back. Okay, on to the news. So, there are 10 genes they look at and they would like for the donor to match all 10 (have a better chance of transplant working) of the same genes I have. Thus far, they have tested 1 who is a 9 out of 10 (not bad). They have 2 others they have requested further testing on and one of them could possibly be a 10 out of 10 but we won’t know until they get more blood work done. They are hopeful in January we will be ready to go. We will see what 2014 has in store for me LOL. At least I know I will be close to home (could be in the John getting chemo during Christmas but, that’s okay). I’m less anxious now knowing there is a plan in the works. Patience is not one of my greatest qualities (I do have some great qualities but, I won’t bore with them). Tomorrow is Hump Day – We’ve got this people! Keep the Faith. GET YOUR FLU SHOT

Easy Day

Easy day today, watched 27 dresses (a favorite), took a nap, then packed up for tomorrow. Heading back to the John for a week of chemo (Oh Ya). Had a delicious dinner at my sister Beth’s (AMAZING)! Watching the Bronco’s game now and hoping for a win. If it keeps going like it has been, it’ll be a blow out. Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday. Keep the Faith! (oh get a flu shot if you haven’t)

Sometimes You Can’t Go

Tonight Grant Mullen (my dear friend Kathy Mullen’s son) got married to his soulmate. I awoke this morning around 8:30am and laid in bed wanting to have a pity party for myself because, I could not attend (just not a good idea to be in a confined area with others in fear of catching something). I gave myself a good talking to in my head (I know weird) and then got up. About an hour later my partner in crime, Chicken called to see if I wanted to ride with her to Lebanon to her daughters. I jumped all over that like a kid being turned loose in a candy store. Gorgeous day for a ride plus it was in her new van (even better). Now I have to tell you I am so blessed with such great friends… bestie, Tammy took videos during the wedding and sent them to me so I got to be a part of it. We discussed FaceTime but, you know me people, sometimes I’m loud and we were afraid I may pop off something LOL. I’ve sat here and cried (happy tears) not because, I couldn’t be there but, because my friends loved me enough to make sure I got to be a part of this special day too. I have to say it was a beautiful wedding. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. Hope you all enjoyed your day! See you here tomorrow………….Keep the Faith!

Humbling Experience

I had the most humbling experience today. I was listening to WDBR because the CMN telethon was on. I knew one of my previous patients was going to be speaking at 2:30pm. She did such an amazing job. She wore a Team Blake tshirt as she wanted the interviewers to know she had two stories to tell. She told her story and said how grateful she was to have kicked cancer’s butt. They mentioned her Tshirt and told Blake’s story and how he lost his battle but, his memory lives on in all of us. The interviewer asked if she had any favorite nurses and she said as a matter of fact I do and I want to give a shout out to Lisa Kiel who is battling cancer herself. I of course started to cry. How humbling. I have to say she and Blake reminded me of my children and I treated them like they were lol. I look forward to the day I can return to my Pedi family because, it’s stories like these that make what I do so special. I get choked up remembering Blake’s story but, I still keep in touch with his family and my life is so much richer because of the children and families I have met. When I was diagnosed with AML I said right off of the bat, “if these little ones can endure this so can I.” You never know when you will make a difference in someone’s life and I am humbled that she thought I made one in hers. Keep the faith!

My Bed Kept Me Hostage

My bed has kept me hostage today. I have only been awake at the most 4 hours total today LOL. Those trips to St. Louis usually drain me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’m fully awake now because, my shows are on tonight. I have to say I felt like a little kid whose parents were making them eat their vegetables at dinner. Tonight, my mom made sweet potato fries (EWW) and regular fries (those were for my Dad). She fixed my plate (I know what you are all thinking lol) and told me that sweet potatoes are good for me and I should eat them but, if I really couldn’t do it I could have some regular fries. She was very pushy with the whole sweet potatoes are good for me and how I should eat them. Let’s just say, I went to my happy place and choked them down to make her happy (BARF). I’m not quite sure what she thought the sweet potato was going to do for me, like kill cancer cells, improve my eye sight, help me be less constipated, or what but, hold on to your hats and I’m sure I’ll let you know LOL. She means well and I’m just razzing her, she takes very good care of me (a little too much lol). Hope you have all had a wonderful Thursday…….tomorrow is Friday folks – weekend is almost here! Hang in there! Keep the Faith!

Trip to Barnes Sucked

Well, how do I start? Chicken was here at 0700 to change my PICC line dressing and get on the road. Mom was not able to go as she has been fighting a stomach bug the past few days. We picked up Haena in Carlinville as I think it’s important for her to meet the Transplant Physician and kind of get a feel for what this all entails (her head was spinning lol). Got there early so, went to our favorite bakery to grab drinks and a gorgeous cupcake (unbelievable). Checked in for labs and was called back fairly quickly. They took 12 vials of blood and the nurse asked if I was getting a transplant. I was excited to hear her ask that because she said that’s why they were drawing all of this. I left lab feeling extra excited. Checked in at physicians office across the hall and was called back again quickly. I’m thinking hurray this is going to be a good day. I have said before I totally love my doc…………today if I’m being honest I wanted to punch him. I know, I know…..not nice. He was very non personable and handed me two studies he wanted me to read over and then go over with him when he sees me next (January 8th, 2014). I asked about the two donors and he said they are not ready yet and it may be after the holidays if they are a perfect match. Soooooooooo, it looks as though I will have the last two rounds of chemo and then just wait. He said they have two preliminary donors but, they have to go have blood drawn and that is sent to a special lab and looked at more extensively (basically is depends on how quickly they get in to get the labs done and how quickly the lab gets to it plus the holidays). So we left the office like we were kicked in the gut and to make it even better it was sleeting as we walked out LOL. We were all discouraged but, thankful that we have two possible donors. I am grateful for all that I have, don’t get me wrong I just want things to move faster and being out of control is very hard for me (those that know me are shaking their heads yes lol). Poor Haena’s head was spinning and she said at one point she just zoned out LOL (that’s my girl). Chicken and I wonder how non medical people get this crap. I mean maybe he talks to me the way he does because he knows I’m a nurse and deal with oncology kids (at least I hope so cause geez I would drive off a cliff lol). So I will be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital getting chemo (no biggy). I’m more worried about Christmas…….I will take one day at a time and if I have to have a tree in my hospital room so be it. We will just go with it and be thankful I am here this Christmas. Thank you for all of your prayers and words of encouragement it helps us all get through this. I’m staying positive and know that a donor will come I was just a little disappointed but, glad I had my daughter and Chicken to help me laugh on the way home. God is good! Keep the Faith!