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Crappy labs

1390483_10201485310868148_1586891377_nLabs stunk today so I’m getting refueled at Day Hospital. 2 units of Packed Red Blood Cells (those that carry oxygen) and a unit of platelets (the clotters). Should have more energy tomorrow (yeah)!!!! Haena is getting to see what this crap is all about lol. Poor kid I’m sure she had other plans today. Have an awesome Wednesday! Keep the Faith!
Home again home again jiggity jig. Can you tell I got blood? LOL! I can actually get to the bathroom and back without having to stop and catch my breath. I can bend over to pick something up off of the floor without falling on my head (that’s a plus). Mom says I don’t blend in with the cream colored furniture (WOW). Hoping I can hang on to this blood for a while. I’m now neutropenic (no defenses against infection) so it’s mask time if I go out. Should I wear a scary one or not? (kidding). I will stay in my own little corner of the world until this passes…….do not want any illnesses! I’m hoping you all had a decent rainy Wednesday. Thanks for hanging in there with me! Your positive comments keep me going. Keep the Faith!

Rainy Days

Sleepy, rainy day! The only thing productive I’ve done today is start on my disability paperwork. My goodness they ask alot of questions. I need to get this going before I get zapped in St. Louis. The lady I spoke to said I need to have help since my brain gets chemo fog (can’t remember stuff). Funny, it’s almost like I’ve had a stroke……(not that, that is funny) but, I know what I want to say, I can see it, but it won’t come out of my mouth. WOW! Trying to get all of my documents in order. Pain in the butt, I tell you! My Mom is going to be my proofreader (haven’t told her that yet lol). Hope you all have had a terrific Tuesday! Keep the Faith!

Alarm Clocks Stink

Awoke to my alarm (YUCK)…..on the road early this morning for labs. I guess I should be happy I awoke (lol). Hung around Springfield for a few hours for results and was released to go as my counts looked okay today. I’m just a walking zombie (perfect for Halloween). This last round of chemo has just zapped me but, that’s what it does I guess. I went back to bed as soon as I walked in the door at 11 and slept for 2.5 hours. I hate to admit it but, I could go back to bed LOL. I’m just a party waiting to happen! I’m conflicted on what I’m going to do tonight as the Blacklist is on along with the Cards game. What to do, what to do? Funny, that’s the only stressor in my life today ha,ha. Maybe by 9pm I will have a feel for what the Cards are going to do tonight (winning would be nice). Hope you all had a pleasant Monday. Keep the Faith!

It’s good to be home

It feels good to be home! Trying to settle this queazy stomach and once again my heels have burned off (LOL) so walking is painful. What’s the saying? No pain no gain………..I wanna smack whoever came up with that (kidding). It is true, if I had no side effects the chemo would not be working. So now we pray there is a match. The physician at Barnes was hoping only two rounds of consolidation (which I just got done with) and then Bone Marrow transplant. I can only do consolidation two more times until I become a sitting duck. I know there is a plan, sometimes things just don’t move as fast as I do (however I’ve noticed I’ve slowed down not by choice). Looking forward to Cardinal baseball tonight in my comfy chair! Enjoy your Saturday night. Thanks for checking on me. Keep the Faith!

Hive Thingies

Holy Batman I still have hive thingies all over me! My PICC line looks better. Waiting for blood cultures to return so won’t get out until tomorrow (hopefully). Got me some blood today so my tank is a little fuller. Had a decent day, Mom brought me a fish sandwich from McDonalds (my new craving; weird I know). Still on two antibiotics so must increase the yogurt or I will have the crapolas (lisaism). My new converse shoes came today, was sooooo excited! They are gray and I had Keep the faith embroidered on each side of the shoe……so freakin sweet!!! It’s not the head turner car I wanted but, we are starting off small. My last dose of chemo is hanging and will be done around 8:15pm – hoping it’s the last until my transplant but, if not I will just have to put my big girl pants on and deal with it. Hope you all had a wonderful Friday. I’m going to scan the hospital menu (after saying that I made zofran – feeling nauseated lol). Enjoy your weekend everyone. Thanks for stopping in to say hello! Keep the faith!

Eventful Day

It has been an eventful day! Went to bed with the “hives”, which turned into painful welts. I am covered from head to toe. Started running a fever and was awake all night. My PICC line is red and swollen but, not sure if its infected or just covered with these welt things. Did blood cultures but, won’t know source of infection until Saturday (has to cook for 48 hours). So at 4 AM we were doing blood cultures, urine cultures, went down for a chest X-ray. Craptastic day, lol. After all that was done I was allowed a Tylenol to get fever down and was started on 2 antibiotics. Now keep in mind St. John’s is under construction so the whole day they were running a jack hammer right over my room (SERIOUSLY). I finally at 1130 asked for IV Benedryl and some Xanax. Let me tell you it was an amazing cocktail. I passed out and didn’t awake until 4:45pm. Thank you, God! I’m thinking I will do this again tonight. Will received the first of my last dose of chemo at 5am tomorrow and finish at 5pm tomorrow night. Maybe come home Saturday but, will depend on blood cultures. Just have to do what I have to do I guess. Sometimes I just want to stop my feet and have a two year old tantrum LOL. It’s only a minor set back but, there’s no place like home. I’ve got the Cardinal’s game on tonight and hopefully they do much better or these welts might get worse LOL.. I swear I think it was a reaction to their horrible loss last night LOL. Hope you all have enjoyed your Thursday. Thanks for checking on me. Keep the Faith!

Round 2 of Consolidation

Survived the first round of chemo. Just kind of knocked me on my butt a little bit. Super tired but, that’s okay I can deal with that. My hemoglobin is dropping so transfusion will be coming by the end of the week. That too is expected. Had a surprise visitor last night. A childhood friend came by to see me. We were joined at the hip as kids. When she came in it was like we were back in grade school. Loved our visit and can’t wait to visit again. So much reminiscing. it was so fun. Had a couple of visitors today. My ol faithfuls lol. Love to have company it makes the days go by fast. Tomorrow will be round 2 of chemo…….so excited!!!(not really lol). Well on a positive note I’m halfway through with this week. My poor heels are starting to burn. They never have time to fully recover and they get burned off again. I may not have a heel by this time this is over lol. Getting some burns on my hands too, fingernails haven’t started hurting yet but, they are still peeling off (gorgeous). Not much else to tell. I’m getting into Chicago Fire and tomorrow the World Series! Chicken will be spending the night tomorrow night……she’s just gonna have to like the baseball because I will control the TV even though she’s a guest LOL. Hope your Booze Day Tuesday was awesome! Keep the Faith!

Gearing up for more chemo

1380758_565204013532929_2002361343_nA day of rest and meditation trying to gear up for the upcoming week of chemo. I get nauseated just thinking about it. I pray this is it until St. Louis. It’s such a buzz kill, ball buster, kick in the pants, knock you on your ass…………okay, okay, you get the idea. I’m sure it will be a two or three Xanax kind of morning lol. I don’t want my Mom to have to drag me into the John by my ear while I’m kicking and screaming like I’m having a 2 year old tantrum. Hoping my Pedi peeps will keep me company this week. I’m sure after this round my eyebrows will be gone. My eyelashes didn’t completely fall off with the mascara but, they sure are thin. Got my big ‘ol bag packed and my other bag of photos and posters my niece and nephew made me when I started this whole process. Just helps to keep you grounded while you are in solitary confinement lol. Let’s hope it’s just a week again………no complications. Aint nobody got time for this! Tonight I’m anxiously awaiting the Broncos game as I know my brother-in-law Bruce is too. Go Broncos! Have a wonderful week friends. Thanks for dropping by. Keep the Faith!

I can’t party like a Rockstar

IMG_0304 IMG_0305I can no longer party like a Rockstar. UGH! Awoke at 10AM and was back in bed by 11…..too much excitement this weekend. Finally started my day at 1pm with a visit from my stepbrother Dave. It was great to see him. Broc and his crew came over about 3pm to paint pumpkins. What a BLAST!! We had paint everywhere but, who cares. My stepsister brought her little guy over and he painted too. Played outside in the yard for awhile. The fresh air felt good. I tried running with the kids but, I was like an old lady who smoked a carton of cigarettes a day lol. Made chicken and noodles for dinner and they were a hit. Haena took us to see her new house. Soooo excited for her. Can’t wait to get back to work so I can buy her fun things. Ending the night with family laughing. My sister Jennifer will be leaving tomorrow early in the morning. It’s been great having her here. Will be packing my bag for the John on Monday (fun, fun). Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday! Keep the Faith!

Smiles and Margaritaville

1379794_10202227728840531_1298409474_nWhat an interesting day. Went to Auburn to La Loma for lunch with Chicken and my sister. Chicken and I were meeting a friend of ours from Wisconsin for lunch and we made my sister come along to experience the craziness. Well the three of them had Margarita’s (which if you’ve had one there you know how strong they are) needless to say the cancer patient drove home LOL. (they were not drunk by all means just joking around). However, we did stop at Chicken’s and they had another round LOL…………..while I enjoyed a large bottle of water. Damn cancer just takes it all away from you. You have no control over your bowels sometimes, you can’t work, your mother won’t let you drive, and for crying out loud you can’t even drink. What the hell? Had family photos tonight which were fun………well after taking 2 xanax they were lol. My Dad had a poker game to get to and he kept asking if we were done lol. I know when you are 84 yrs old that is the highlight of your night. Pictures should be good and very memorable. We had dress up photos (nice outfits not costumes lol) and then we did some with my family wearing their Lisa strong shirts. Will have them printed in time for me to take to St. Louis. Those photos will help me get through the trials and tribulations. Had a pizza party after the photos and laughed the entire night. It was great having my sister and kids here, just like old times. Broc was here with his girlfriend and her two little ones (they remind me so much of Broc & Haena when they were little). I sat there and watched them play and it took me back to when they were little. My how time flies. I love their new chapters in their lives don’t get me wrong but, I would go back to that age in a minute. I have to say I’m exhausted from the eventful day but, it was so worth it. I’m gonna try and get through the Cardinals game and then off to slumber land. Thanks for hangin with me tonight. Keep the Faith!