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Thank You

1384294_10201299319258474_1256198349_nThis post is long over due and I apologize as I’m usually more punctual. Tears are streaming down my face as I sincerely THANK YOU for embracing me at my time of need, for keeping my kids close to your heart, and for lifting all of us up in prayer. Your encouragement, cards, calls, visits, and prayer have made this journey more bearable. I am able to focus on the task at hand knowing my family and I are not alone. Just want you all to know how grateful I am and how blessed I feel. I’m Keeping the Faith!

Busted out!

Busted out of the joint a little before 11. Had to stop by Walgreens to drop $458 on meds (sticker shock)! Feeling pretty nauseated and hoping that decides to high tail it out of here. Feels good to be home! Doc came in this morning and was going over discharge and at the end of the conversation he said ok I need to tell you, you scared us all after your last bone marrow. I said how is that? He said well when we did your bone marrow aspiration we did a blood smear and it showed blast cells (bad bad cells). He said I really thought it was due to the medication we were giving you and decided to wait until the bone marrow came back. He said I knew you would know the severity of this and didn’t want you worrying, well actually flipping out lol. It turned out fine and all is well and he said he felt better after confessing lol. Glad he kept that crap to himself cause I’m afraid I would’ve had to have been sedated until the bone marrow results. Life is good and I’m Keepin the Faith!

Last night here

Late night tonight…..whoopin it up before I go LOL. Had a pretty good day today. Last dose of chemo for this round will be hung at 0230 AM and then out the door we go whenever the ‘ol doc makes his rounds. I’ll be giving myself injections everyday at home to boost my white blood cells but, a small price to pay to just be at home. Will do labs in Springfield 3 times per week but, I will look forward to just getting out for a ride (keeping a positive attitude). Had a late night visitor from a co-worker……funny how God works in mysterious ways…..I was laying in the dark…..tired of course (that’s when it’s the worst for me and feel more weak) and in walks a co worker whom I love to talk to. Of course we laughed the entire time (that’s what I do best, I’m an ugly crier lol). Anyway enough of that. Just saying I am blessed and believe. Keep the Faith everyone…..have an awesome weekend. I’m going to because, I will be close to my family and friends. 


Yawning-HabitHooooo Huuuummmm………..extremely tired today. Wonder what that could be from? Could it be the chemo? LOL. Laid in bed most of the day, feeling my heels starting to burn, watching a rash from between my fingers, and across my body spread. Aaaahh the joys of poison in a bag. It’s all worth it in the end but, geez louise could we tone down the side effects? After my shower today I took some major benedryl and knocked myself out for a few hours. The nap was good and at least I wasn’t itching. Too nauseated to eat lunch but, I managed to get some chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes down tonite. I dreamed it was a delicious steak with a juicy baked potato with sour cream and butter. It wasn’t mind you but, the thought was good. Still have the benedryl hangover and am hoping I can stay awake for Parenthood (favorite show ever). Better days ahead. I’m counting the hours till I’m home. Final round of chemo will start about 1pm tomorrow and the last bag will hang at 1am Saturday – If all goes well I will go home. YES! Broc will be turning 23 yrs old on October 8th so, I’m hoping I’m still feeling well enough to celebrate with him. I know, I know 23 and I act like he’s turning 5 lol. I make birthdays pretty special around here. Anyway, thanks for stopping by tonight. Hope your Thursday was amazing! Tomorrow is Friday……..whoop whoop. Keep the Faith!

A good day had by all

Much better day today if I do say so myself! Had a restful night and even had a hard time awakening this morning. I was kind of worried my hemoglobin had fallen since I was so sleep but, no. Was nauseated but, immediately took meds and a half of an hour later I was like a new woman. Had a good breakfast and then my friend Kelly from work brought me lunch from Noodle & Company – delicious. Haena bug came for awhile and it’s always wonderful to see your children. My loyal mother was here and did her daily organization of the room, made me some iced tea (love love love it). Dear friend Julie stopped in and brought me some bling!!! She shouldn’t have but, boy am I glad she did, lol. Dr. came in and said they may let me go home Saturday since I’ve done so well. We will just have to wait and see. If I do I will return on Sunday for a shot that will help keep my white blood cells in check and then will come to Springfield on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for labs. I will come early on those days just in case I need a blood transfusion. I was so excited! I just rest better at home. Will have to be cautious while at home and no run around much so I don’t pick up any infections. I promised I would be good! Gonna get ready to watch Law & Order SVU (what a great week for TV) and eat some animal crackers. Hope your Wednesday was awesome. Keep the faith!

I Puked

Well it happened………..I threw up! UGH…..I hate that more than anything in the whole world!

Cancer Nausea

Finally got meds on board and I am finally feeling human again. Hit me this morning right out of the blue and was like NO NO NO…….Thank God we have meds. I was able to eat some soup and crackers soooo, not a Big Mac and Fries (super size mind you) but, it will do. I’ve roamed the halls twice today so, got my exercise on. Had 2 student nurses today so, did a little teaching lol……just can’t be the patient, I refuse. Of course did a lot of laughing today (good for the soul). Had some visitors which always makes the day go by fast. My bestie Tammy Roberts brought me some wall art which I love, love, love. Of course the greatest mother in the world was here (no not me lol). She of course missed out on all of the puking (Thank God she would’ve flipped). Finished second dose of chemo this morning and then had no more. Will start third dose sometime tomorrow. My chemo is given on days 1,3,&5. We then wait to see what the counts do which we know will go low, low, low lol. Just hang on and wait for the ride. The highlight of my day is…….CHICAGO FIRE is on tonight!!!! Yaaaaaa. Funny what I look forward too. Then, Thursday PARENTHOOD… week of all. My two favorite shows and I’m so excited they are back on. Hope you all had a terrific Tuesday (it is Tuesday, right?) I swear when you don’t work you lose track of time. Hmmmm is this what retirement does to you? If so, count me out lol. Anyway, have a great evening. Count your blessings and KEEP THE FAITH!


Consolidation has begun

1381955_10201294229811241_1536914804_nWell the fun has begun – chemo has just started! Let’s do this thing! The morning started off a little rough as I laid in bed not wanting to face the day. I grabbed my Jesus is Calling book and read September 23rd message. I said a prayer and popped out of bed. As I approached the kitchen the mood was somber. My Dad & Mom’s poor dog Milo (best dog EVER) was lying on the floor lethargic. Poor guy has so many health problems, diabetes (takes insulin twice daily, heart murmur, cataracts). Mom called the vet and Dad was on his way with him. I loved on him before he left as I knew he probably would not be back and I was right……..they put him down. Of all the freakin days! Poor Mom was crying on the way to the hospital, Dad crying on the way home from the vet and all I wanted to do was just go home and try again tomorrow……..not an option. Anyway, we got here by 10 AM, in room by 1035 only to find my physician had forgotten to fax over orders soooooo needless to say my treatment didn’t get started until late. I will probably choke him when I see him lol. (kidding totally kidding don’t want to go to jail for a threatening message) You know me instead of getting pissed off that we had no orders Mom and I got right to work on getting the dorm room decorated so, pictures, posters, and banners are hung. Candy box is full for staff and guests. (Always, always, always take care of your staff) Thank you to all of my family and friends who are checking on my kids and making sure they are okay. I know they are young adults but, they are still kids who are scared. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! So the journey continues……………Keep the Faith!

Last day of freedom

ImageLast day of freedom, kind of a bittersweet. I’m ready to get this crap over with yet, I don’t want to be away from my family and friends. I know what’s facing me and I am just on in the mood lol. Hope this trip flies by so we can get on to the next one. I had another baby fix today as my friend Julie brought her granddaughter over (she’s 5 months), just loved it. Babies make all your worries go away. I had a baby fix yesterday too as I got to love on my friend Tammy’s granddaughter (she’s almost 8 months). They melt my heart and are such a blessing. Had Dicarlos pizza for dinner with Haena, Tyson, and Mom &Dad. You know you can’t leave town without having Dicarlos. Broc, Ashley and kids weren’t able to come but, I ran by and gave him a hug before I left (emotional). Dropped off Tshirts and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for those who purchased. I’m not good at receiving, it makes me very uncomfortable. I get more joy out of giving. I have all of my junk packed up, you know the usual clothes, pj’s, dorm room decor, sheets, blankets, pillows. I know I sound like someone of real importance don’t I? Maybe I could go Brittany Spears I mean she was bald once, right? Guess, maybe I am high maintenance. LOL Check in tomorrow will be at 10 AM, probably hydration fluids first and then chemo hopefully by late afternoon. I will post on the days events tomorrow. Keepin the faith!

“Fiddle Farting” – a shout out to Mylas

1275506_506797006078172_1618050570_oNo fever, no fever, hip hip hurray! Must have been hormonal lol. It’s a beautiful day and I told my nephew on Tuesday as long as the weather was decent I would watch him play JFL Football. You couldn’t ask for a better day! My chauffeur (my Mother) drove to Rochester to watch the 4th Grade Chatham Titans White play some ball. They won which was even better. I have to chuckle because, I’m giving a shout out to Mylas (last name not mentioned because I didn’t have him sign a release to use his full name lol) for using the word of the day………….”Fiddle Farting”. Now he was referring to a ref who was flag happy and apparently is at all Titan games. I know the guy wanted to use another word instead of “Fiddle Farting” but, it was a children’s game and that’s what came out of his mouth. I loved it! I told him he would be mentioned in my blog ( – forgot to mention that’s up and running now. I’m going to use that word along with my saying of “I can because I have cancer.” I’m not going to “fiddle fart” around I’m going to get this shit going and kick cancer in the ass! LOL Any – there it is Mylas – a shout out! Way to go Titans, it was fun watching my nephew and I have to say I even get a kick out of my brother in law coaching. He’s so competitive but, awesome with the kids. – Good job, Bruce I’m proud! Going to eat a bite and make some deliveries. I’m soaking in as much of this day as I can. Tomorrow is my last day of freedom and then I’m incarcerated at the John. (guess I probably shouldn’t put incarceration as for someone new looking at this may really think I am going back to jail lol). Oh, met a guy (A grandpa of one of the kids on the football team), he’s been battling cancer since 2011. They told him he only had 6 months and he’s still going – have to say he looks great. Now he doesn’t have what I have but, his story was amazing and just gives me more fuel to keep fighting. He kept the faith and so shall I!

Fever is approaching

1381335_10201313226246140_333617390_nHaena and I decorated Mimi’s porch for fall. Made taco soup and pumpkin bars. I ran to Chicken’s to get the shirts for the Girard people who ordered (thank you!). Will get those delivered this weekend I hope. The only reason I say I hope is because I am watching my temp at the moment. Ugh! I’m sitting at 99.4, one more degree and we are hospital bound and I will NOT be happy. I’m thinking positive thoughts. I’m hoping I just did too much today lol. Leave it to a nurse to talk herself out if being sick lol. Keeping the faith !