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If I were a snake….

strongerWoke up to an empty tank. Ya that’s right, platelets were LOW and so was my hemoglobin. SOOOOO I am getting 2 units of platelets and another unit of blood today. Geez Louise where is this all going? LOL. Still no neutrophils so I have to keep giving myself shots of neupogen to help regenerate them. It’ll happen just have to wait (you know me NO PATIENCE!!!!). I did manage to get down the hall to shower – felt like I ran a marathon (craziness). I then came back to the apartment and cleaned house a little bit in case company should come. It took me 15 minutes to change the damn bed, I had to keep taking breaks. I sounded like a lunger for crying out loud! Got in the closet to get a few things and there staring me in the face was my Skinny Girl Margaritas – I could have cried (I bet they taste like metal too). Had to restart the stool softner as the ol bowel as let up (thank God). Rash is starting to go away and burns are starting to peel (grossness). I’m like a snake shedding it’s skin lol. Hmmmmmm what kind of snake might I want to be. I won’t go there could get me in trouble. Waiting for Dr. Mochurnik to stop in and see what he has to say. I’m ready to get the hell out of dodge but, know it’s going to be awhile. That’s ok gotta do what I gotta do. Hope you all have a wonderful day – stay cool!! I might lay in the window sill today and tan. Forgot my sun block though. Oh well. Keep the Faith!

Dammit doll

dammit doll
I beat the hell out of her.

I have to share this gift I received. My sister got me a Dammit Doll. It states on the front: whenever things don’t go so well, and you want to hit the wall and yell, here’s a little dammit doll, that you can’t do without. Just grasp it firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it. And as you whack the stuffing out yell dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Everyone should have one lol

Gotta Love a Headache

Oh joyful day! Awoke with a raging headache, you know the kind where you feel like your head is being squeezed in a vice and your eyeballs are going to pop out of your head. Ya I’ll take one of those said no one EVER! Morning labs showed low platelets (part of your blood that plugs up where you are bleeding) so I received a unit of them. Took Norco for my headache – did nothing (which I figured it wouldn’t cause it doesn’t help with vascular pain) but, I thought it might knock me out. Oh no, just made me loopy. I was saying some stupid shit! After my platelets (aproximately 1.5 to 2 hrs later) I became short of breath and still had the headache. Guess what platelets were even lower so had to have another unit. Breathing became better just was dragging ass. My Aunt Paula and cousin Missy came to see me and brought me Cafe Moxo – LOVE IT. They brought me chicken pot pie and it was delicious (didn’t taste like a metal fence) and some cupcakes. Made my day. Of course Mother was here and was going to spend the night but, I made her go home. My goal today was to get a shower but, that didn’t happen. Hopefully tomorrow I can take one. I do bathe the important areas everyday people I just like to rinse the funk off every other day. My bat wings are gone from underneath my eyes so I don’t so much look like a freak show. My stubbly hair is falling out, can’t wait to shine that head! I’ll get her shining and slap on some hoop earrings and call myself Mrs. Clean. You will be happy to know I’m back to stool softners again so depends for me. I’m moving upward now I think. I thought about heading downtown for a few beers later – mom took home my clubbin close (how dare her). My girlfriend sent me a text this morning and asked what I was doing and I told her cleaning house lol. I was kind of – cleaning my new apartment up. Keepin it real and Keepin the Faith. Love to all!

bye bye body hair

Hello FB followers! I’m writing late because, I have had little to no energy and one Big Headache. I still have stubble on my head, but it is starting to fall out so I may be squeaky clean by Sunday. Wishing the legs and armpit hair would go! I have bright red bat wings under my eyes, covering my cheeks and an additional rash covering my chemo burns – SEXY! I itch like crazy so heavily sedated on benedryl and benedryl cream. My hands are still a nice color of purple with little white spots that are starting to peel. Maybe I will have Palmalive hands. My Mom brought me cinnamon twists from Taco Bell OMG I was in heaven – I loved the taste of cinnamon. I can honestly say we wonderful meds that keep you from puking – AMEN. The Roid is healing nicely since the bowels are not all in shock anymore however, they had to stop one antibiotic because it created a rash and introduced another. We will see if the ol intestinal tract cooperates. Praying for no fevers tonight and good results on Bone Marrow Aspiration. Thanks for pipping in! Keep the faith!

My car is on empty

Sorry for the delay in updates, I had a busy schedule today. I’m really going to have to start keeping a tighter schedule. So I received 2 units of blood and 1 unit of platelets and I now feel human again. I guess the best way to explain it is, if you have ever run your car past empty (which I have numerous times) and it starts sputtering that is what it feels like to have no blood. So tonight I’m ready to go have a beer at the local tavern (ok maybe not quite that good but, let’s keep positive thoughts rolling). I have had a lot visitors today – always makes the day go by. I did receive some news that kind of rocked my world and I am asking you to pray for a family who has lost their son to cancer. I won’t mention names as God knows who you are calling on. As a nurse who takes care of chronically ill children you become like family to their family. God had blessed me with this young man and his family. I can honestly say I am honored to have known him. I went to see him before my admission as I knew I would not see him again. This morning at 3:33am God took him home. The cool thing about this time is – his baseball number was 33. Pretty crazy right? Though his family is left to with a heavy heart their child no longer suffers. Just asking for peace for the family. I didn’t mean to end this on a downer note but, today it’s not about me. I Keepin the Faith!

What if I threw up Christ?

Hello Orange Nation! Don’t have too many funny things to tell today as I slept most of the day away. Awoke with fever, and rash (looks more like a burn) across my abdomen. Was nauseated (love that feeling). I took some good meds and slept from about 0930 until 4PM. Mom helped me get a shower this evening to get all of the funk off. OMG my armpits smelled like a man and I’m pretty sure the hair under my arms are just like them too. EEEWWW! I guess I’m going European. Be thankful ladies you can shave (I can’t because I have no platelets or neutrophils). Okay non medical people that means I could bleed out and not able to fight infection. Got my bed changed which always feels nice. No active bleeding today only a traveling burn. I have ordered tomato soup and a grilled cheese – nauseated looking at but going to try and choke the shit down. I’m sure the soup will taste like a metal fence and the sandwich will scrape the shit out of the roof of my mouth – I will conquer this! The diarrhea has slowed so I’m sure I will be once again introduce to a stool softener (never had to take them before) because they don’t want straining and the Roid is finally healing. Va Jay Jay has cooperated today thank God so we are good there. Other than sleeping most of the day and the nausea I would have to say it was an OK day. OH almost forgot…….I take communion everyday and the communion steward came around and asked if I wanted communion. I told her I was too sick, I mean seriously would it be sac religious to throw up Christ? I’m just sayin. Well I guess I will get off of here and eat the metal fence. Hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday Funday – it looked nice out. I’m getting into week 2 half way there. Let’s do this thing! Keep the Faith!

Gotta love diarrhea

Quite an eventful day. Took my sleep aides as usual the night before, slept soundly till about 0400, had 2 things of yogurt to try and stop the diarrhea (guess it beats throwing up), had the Coordinator in to visit while I ate the yogurt (nice chat at 0400). Fell back to sleep till about 0745 and I thought man my fever must have broke, my pants were kind of wet. OH HELL NO – I was hemorrhaging. Yes, yes I was. Got up out of bed with a few profanities – went to the bathroom to investigate and realized Houston we have a problem. Proceeded to clean up, opened the door, nurse at the desk and I said sister we have a MAJOR issue. Told her we needed to page the Resident ASAP. Resident came, got 2 units of platelets and 3 doses of lovely Estrogen and Whala bleeding has decreased. Good news is – I didn’t bleed out and I was able to eat today. Gotta love being a woman. Thank God Chicken put a soaker pad over my new sheets cause I would’ve had a come undone I’m pretty sure. My kids came to visits most of the day – I love my babies. Got a new Build A Bear from a friend and she said I could knock the shit out of her if I wanted to cause she is stuffed pretty good (lol). The burns on my hands and feet are better today, just waiting for them to start peeling now – Oh Yaaaa. Barb Hardin delivered my Orange Bracelets to pass out. They say: Put Your Big Girl Pants On and Deal With It (lol) I say that alot. All in all I would have to say it was a pretty good day. Only cussed a few times which means it has to be good. I’m getting ready for my sleep aides, can’t wait to see what morning brings and let me tell you, you will be the first to know. Happy Saturday night people! Keep the Faith!