Self Inflicted Whoop Ass

WARNING: Self inflicting Whoop Ass on yourself does not feel as good as when you unload it on someone else LOL. I unloaded a can on myself a few days ago as I was having one of those days. I was missing my home, my own “things”, not having a car, my job, and then to top it off I went to the store to buy Broc a Birthday Card to put on his present and just out of habit I reached for a card that said : For Our Son on His Birthday – nope wrong one (of course burst into tears – so stupid). Decided I was going to go mow Broc’s yard (as he lives in my old house) even though it’s against the doctor’s orders. I put on my big ‘ol mask and my headphones and mowed. Well as luck would have it I got the mower stuck – Ever have one of those days? Called a few people to see if they could help me lift the mower but, no luck. I tried pushing and pulling (you should see the bruises on my legs and stomach, look like someone took a ball bat to me LOL). So with that I was P*SSED OFF! I turned my back to the mower, grabbed ahold of the back of it and lifted it myself (Thank God I didn’t pop my port out of my chest – that would’ve been the perfect ending to the day ha, ha). After all of that I unloaded on myself. I told myself to get over it as I have so many blessings to be thankful for and though my life has changed, it is better. I have all of my “needs” met and that’s what’s important. My children are happy and healthy and love me big time and are so proud of me. Really is my life that depressing? A NO! Needless to say I used the whole can of the Whoop Ass and it worked. I would’ve just kicked my own butt, however my legs are short so I had to use the Whoop Ass. Keep the Faith!

A Much Needed Rest

Everyone needs a day of rest, right? Why do I have so many LOL. I was with Haena all day Saturday and then at Broc’s most of the day Sunday. I didn’t do anything strenuous mind you, just seems like if I have two outings in a row I need a day to recoup – Now that’s just CRAZY!!! I am grateful for where I am now, don’t get me wrong but, you all know I’m not a very patient person so, I want instant results – meaning I want to be back to 100% NOW, ha, ha. Thanks for checking in, friends! Hope you all have an awesome week! Keep the Faith

The Girls

Had the girls checked today – yep the ‘ol boob smasharoo. Ya know it’s never pleasant but I have to say worse with my port being right there on my chest – OUCH! Had to drop some things off at Pedi and got to see all my friends and the docs – of course I left in tears cause I’m miss my coworkers and my job. I’ll be back, I know. Went to see GI Specialist today and will have a scope with biopsy in the next few weeks. If that is negative we will do a gastro emptying study just to see whats going on. I feel like I’m going to vomit all the time (like all day long – never goes away). I’ve learned to cope with it – I never do throw up so I just go with it LOL. Just want to make sure chemo hasn’t damaged the GI tract. Whatever! As I was leaving that apt. I ran into a girl I went to nursing school with, loved her to death and we chatted for about 45 minutes. While we were visiting the Mom of one of my oncology kids walked by and hugged me twice – of course we cried. Love her family and her kiddo. She is kind and just carried on about how much they loved me. Really made me feel good knowing I made a difference in someone’s life. I would say I had a GREAT DAY – hope you all did too. Keep the Faith, friends!

Best Day Ever

Had the best day. I set my alarm to get to Chatham by 9 to watch my little niece play soft ball – MAN she is GOOD!!! She’s the littlest one on the team but, she is mighty. While I was there I learned my nephew had a JFL game at 12 soooo, I thought what the heck I’m going to that too. I had plenty to do here at home today but, ya know there’s always tomorrow. Beautiful, beautiful day. I made sure I used my (well sister in law’s) 50 proof sunscreen and enjoyed the sun. After the game we went to eat with other parents and kids and I have to say I enjoyed the adult conversation LOL. Not that my parents don’t converse adultly but, you know what I mean (I hope lol). So glad I’m here to watch them play and pray I get to see many more of their events. I hate they are growing up, sure miss them cuddling with Aunt Lili. Rheed is 10 and grumbles when I kiss his cheek or head when I say goodbye but, I told him he’s gonna have to get over it cause I’m gonna kiss him till he’s 50 LOL. Seize each day friends and Keep the Faith!

Got my hair did

On this day last year I was meeting with Dr. Abbud from Barnes Hospital to see if I was eligible for a bone marrow transplant. I went back to my posts from last year and saw that I had posted about my visit. My how time has flown. I mean I had no hair then – don’t have a ton now but, way more than I did at that time (lol). I actually had enough hair today to color, which I did. No worries, it was a new product with no ammonia so, I’m good. Besides, you only live once! I actually feel better after having it colored and shaped up. I don’t look like a cancer patient whose hair is coming in lol. I look like some chick who got a really short haircut ha, ha! Keep the Faith!

My Butt was kicked

Today was a day of rest as I was reminded I am no where near back to normal and ready for work, besides I have no immune system LOL. Stayed in my jammies all day and worked on wedding stuff. I was glad to hear everyone from yesterdays events were all safe and sound. I thank all of you for your concern for me but, I am fine and will be fine. If I wind up with something then it was all in God’s plan for me. I would’ve never been able to live with myself had I not gone and helped. Besides, God gave me these skills and got me through college for a reason (and it wasn’t financial gain lol). I still have a job to do and that is to give; besides, I don’t have time for this cancer crap! God Bless our community! There’s always a silver lining in every tragic event and it looks like we are seeing it. Keep the Faith, friends!!!


Once a Nurse always a Nurse

So today I was sitting at home in my jammies and received a call from my partner in crime. Her voice was shaky and I asked what was wrong.  She said she was heading to the school as there was a Carbon Monoxide leak and kids were down.  Well, that’s all it took…..I told her I would meet her there – of course she insisted I should not go but……I hung up on her LOL.  Quickly got dressed, grabbed my stethoscope and out the door I went.  Probably not one of my smartest moves but, once a nurse always a nurse.  Here is a post from my FB page from my daughter:


Since a lot of you know my mom is crazy and won’t let cancer stop her from anything, she strapped on a mask and took off to help the kids at the North Mac School! I’m sure she’s okay but just say a little prayer thanks!

We sent 150+ to the hospital for treatment and am happy to report everyone was able to return by that evening.

God’s Not Dead

Just watched the movie God’s Not Dead…………a couple of people said there were two parts in the movie that reminded them of me or my situation……..have to say they hit the nail on the head!!! So thankful my children chose to turn toward God instead of away from him. God is Good AND God’s Not Dead!!! Keepin the Faith!!!

Can’t see shit

Ever hear the expression – Blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other? Well, that’s me LOL. Naw, just kidding but, my vision has changed thanks to the chemo and probably transplant. On the positive side I do not have cataracts which is something that they warned me about. I will take new glasses over cataracts any day! Had a hard time picking out frames as my hair isn’t in all of the way, the swelling in my face hasn’t completely gone down, and well……I just look different LOL. Haena was a big help, thank goodness! Would’ve rather spent the money on something fun but, I guess seeing is more important ha, ha. Hope you all had a good day! Thanks for Keeping the Faith with me